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Outlast: Real deal or gimmick?

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Have people had experience with this material and does it live up to the hype about storing your body heat and giving it back to you when you need it? I found a great deal on a base layer crew top with this material at www.sierratradingpost.com (check them out for some steep discounts on outdoor clothing and such) and was wondering if I should jump at it or not. I usually get cold pretty easily and was just wondering if this stuff works. Thanks
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Mrs. Skicrazy and I both have Outlast liners in our Nordica boots. If they are warm when they go on (keep 'em near the heater), they work great. If they are cold going on, they seem to stay cold all day. They are a huge improvement over the previous Nordica liners I have had.
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I work as an Intellectual Property consultant (patents etc,), when one of my friends bought a helmet with an Outlast liner I was a little skeptical but I looked up the patents which protect the technology (the numbers were listed on one of the tags). After reading the patents the technology seems to have some legitimate technical merit. Basically the polymer microspheres in the material work like a thermodynamic energy recycling system; they store heat energy from your body by changing phase from solid to liquid, when you cool off the energy is released as the material solidifies again (the same reason a steam burn is so bad, the water vapor in the steam releases loads of energy as it condenses on your skin). So for sports like skiing where you are really active coming down a run and then stand still for a while in a lift line getting cold this material seems like a good choice.
I haven't used any product with using this material yet but it seems like it should provide some benefits as long as you still remember to layer properly and not wear cotton as a base layer (wet clothes are never going to be warm).
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IT IS REAL!! When the Nordica rep first showed it to me he was not able to explain the tech behind it , so when I sold boots with Outlast I said it it was vodoo science. Later I met the with the reps from outlast and got the offical explanation and they gave me some toys to actualy demonstrate how it works . In layman terms it is a high-tech wax , remember that there is a transfer of heat when materials change form --ie. from solid to liquid --or back.The final test was when I got my Beast boots last year which have Outlast footbeds and liner. I promptly replaced the footbeds with my custom beds, and my first day skiing with outlast was interesting. I had the boots outside for 20 minutes before puting them on & skiing (could not be avoided)The first 3 hours my feet were nice and warm except for the bottoms of my feet, that was like walking on cold marble.I had some super feet corks made , since they have Outlast material and use them when I got in the same situation. In the interm I am trying to get Outlast material that I can laminate on the full wieghted footbeds that I make. From my expierence it works , it is a wonder material like windstop.
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I have an OUTLAST shirt and it keeps me very warm. I think the price on the Sierra Trading Post site is very good.

If an Intellectual Property consultant says it is cool. That is good enough for me.

Stay Warm [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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I took the Outlast liners out of my Nordicas and put them in my old race stock Gran Prixs after freezing my feet one day(boot heaters failed). I couldn't believe it. My feet stayed warm even on the coldest days. Never did get the heaters fixed. I haven't had cold feet since. For me that's incredible. Best thing I've ever found(in 50 years on skis) I had the fit problem on the new boots fixed and they're just as warm. I now have a pair of Nordica Coaches boots and they're warn too. It's great
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Thanks for the info everyone! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Sounds like pretty good stuff, guess I'll get the shirt and if it works for me maybe I'll look into finding some gloves with Outlast. My fingers are the part of me that really get cold, I usually stick with mittens on cold days.
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