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Problems in Scotland

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As I look out of my window I can see Cairngorm now and it is not a pretty sight all rock and heather with a few streaks of snow. But at least when the wind blows up the runs you get to ski them both ways.
If it keeps up like this I am emmigrating any suggestions.
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It's a shame, really.. I learnt to ski in Scotland (Glenshee) 21 years ago. The entire 6 day ski package, including hire of equipment, half board accommodation and instruction, cost me £85! In those jolly old days, snow and sun was abundant, consistent and reliable. It was always a safe bet if you wanted to book a late weekend fling on the scottish slopes as late as may Bank holiday. But nowadays, the rare occasions it does snow in the scottish mountains, the probability is that the entire ski areas are closed due to blizzards and high winds. Horizontal snow is the norm in Scotland. But they do say that if you can get to ski in Scotland, you can ski anywhere.. och aye the noo..!
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Had two fantastic days at Aviemore last season in the middle of March so there is plenty of time yet. Although it was a good job i had a pair of ultra sharp salomon 2v's.
Although I suppose thats not much comfort for those with a season pass ...
Anyone been on that fancy funicular yet? Hows it working out?

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I guess i'm one of the lucky ones, went to Scotland day after New Year for a week. I got excellent sking on Cairngorm in the mornings and then fantastic conditions for teaching the wife and kids every afternoon at the Lecht.(Great snow and Sun!!) Oh well theres chance yet for the rest of the year but i'm very glad we've got a week in Belle Plagne at half term.
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I was in Scotland in April, 4 years ago, before I started skiing. I don't remember there being any snow at Cairngorn, just a good deal of rain and wicked cold! I remember sort of snuggling up to the reindeer to keep warm!
OT, but I was probably the ultimate heretic on that trip! Went to Cairngorn and did'nt ski, went to Saint Andrew and did'nt golf! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MarkP:
Anyone been on that fancy funicular yet? Hows it working out?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yes, I rode the £15 million funicular on Jan 5, about two weeks after it opened. It's a beautiful installation, engineered by the Swiss and Austrians, with some Scottish expertise too. The base station (which has a huge cartoon mural inside) is better located for the car park than the old chairlift, the carriages are suprisingly wide (widest in the world, I'm told) and they stop at a mid-station a few yards from the old mid-station of the chairlift. The train goes into a neat tunnel 300 metres from the top, to enter the Ptarmigan station.
There's a more customer-friendly attitude on the mountain.
This was the first time I'd been up Cairngorm without skis, though there were 4 draglifts running that day. The thaw since then has pretty much wiped that skiing out.
But it was fantastic to be back on that mountain again, gazing at that timeless view of Loch Morlich and beyond.
All that's needed now is a monster snow storm.
BTW, Aviemore Youth Hostel is not a bad place to stay for £10/night. Good spacious lounge, and a fun crowd.
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Thanks for the info David.
I'm definitley going again as soon as there's enough snow.
Not sure about the youth hostel though, I'm over 30, I'll get eaten alive...
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Mark P
Maybe I should start a separate youth-hostelling thread!
I'm 48, and only really discovered youth hostelling 4 months ago, taking my wife and 2 kids to Stockholm (one of the world's great cities) where there is a magic hostel in the city centre on the water (a converted ship).
You can fly there for peanuts with Ryanair.
Absolutely sold on the whole concept.
Anyway, returning to Aviemore. I was sharing a room with 4 kids who can't have been more than 18 because one got thrown out of a bar for having no ID!
I found them good company, and it was only a night.
Aviemore hotels are a depressing exercise in my experience, so I was pleased to save the money!
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I used to do a lot of walking and treking around England & wales. Most of our group were in their 20's but many other people were older. Never saw a problem (let alone an age problem) and met some good people. I remember there being a time curfew but just don't turn up in your Ferrari or people might start getting upset

Heard the 11/09 has hit the Youth Hostel business hard, I am sure they would be more than happy to provide a room for your 10 quid.

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David - Thanks for that laugh, looks like another misconception of mine dashed... and some money saved to boot :

DB - All the Ferrari's are in Wilmslow and Prestbury. Nowt but TVR's round here...
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Scotland update.
This was yesterday's scene at The Lecht.
Colorado, eat your heart out: http://www.winterhighland.co.uk/gene...ht_21_jan1.jpg
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