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Rossi B4 size question

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Right, so I've won some 178 B4s in a competition online (www.natives.co.uk rules).

Thing is, I'm not sure whether I want to keep them. I'm 187cm tall and about 80kgs (a bit over 6'1'' and about 12 1/2 stone), I'm a pretty good skier (NZ stage 1 instructor). I haven't skiied a huge amount of pow but when I do, I go as fast as I can and drop off the biggest things I can.

If I kept these skis they would just be for off piste, before winning them I had tried the scratch BCs (182 I think) and quite liked them, I was also thinking about trying the line sir francis bacons (also 182) as I liked the elizabeths but thought they were too small. People have said that 178 could be a bit small for me, but I've been having a wicked time on 170 V-pros and I'm not sure how much difference the 4cm in length would make?

So the question is, are these skis the right size for what I want to do? Or should I ebay them and try a selection of other skis out when I (hopefully) get to the U.S. or Canada and can (hopefully) get them on pro-deal?


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Well I guess you should just wait it out and see if anything comes up. Try to snag a couple used Scratch BC's at a wicked price. One problem is that the B Squad is coming into mass production next year so then the B4s won't be the big Rossi BIg Mountain/Pow ski, so it willb e harder to sell. Don't sell them now, alot of people got them cheap off S&C and want to unload them now and also many demand is low right now for skis.

Just wait it out, I'm sure you'll find osmething that suits you.
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I'm 182cm, 82 kilos and I have the B4 in that size. They work great for me even in heavy, choppy snow. Previously I owned some 180cm V-Pros and these skis are vastly more stable.
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im 5'11 180 and the b4 is a great powder ski----i love it in utah. you will lose alot of dollars for 4cm. the squad is a totally different ski----WAY stiff comparatively
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Slap some bindings on those skis and let them fly. Those are great powder skis that can handle sloppy stuff too.The size sounds just right for you .

Hey you won them so what have you got into them anyway?
I would keep them unless that kind of ski doesn't fit your intended uses.
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Gee Garryz, you should know something about B Squads? I heard you might have your eyes on a pair.
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Hey Jim, that "Natives" place you talk of - is it any good? I hear the forum is administered by an absolute dictator...
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I suggest try to sell it on ebay if you're not comfortable of it.
But try to keep it first.You might be using it in the future or it might be a perfect gift for your love ones.
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I am 187 cm and about 82 kg (if I convert properly from the english system) and I ski the B4 in 185. It does not feel short, if anything, they feel somewhat long- very stable and not that quick. My 178 Legends8000 are much quicker and lighter in comparison. So you may be fine with 178s if you like a quicker ski. The B-Squads (B4's replacement is a totally different ski- much stiffer, not much sidecut and is reported to be a good ski for skiing very fast- not much of a turn-on-a-dime ski). I would keep the B4s.
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Cheers for the help guys, I was just looking for some reassurance that they were vaguely the right size for me, I think I'll at least get some bindings on them and see how they feel.

Foxy - Haven't been on natives much recently but I'm sure it's still it's a great site in your safe, if a little egomaniacal, hands!
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Originally Posted by Jim.
Foxy - Haven't been on natives much recently but I'm sure it's still it's a great site in your safe, if a little egomaniacal, hands!
The main topic of conversation today is catamites, so you're not missing much...
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