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Originally Posted by ts01
From a T-stop, pivot around and stomp down the free-skate - full stop, but 180 degrees from the direction of travel. Is that what you mean by a spin stop?
It sounds like we're speaking of the same thing - I find it works best with a 50/50 weight split, and I like to start from a trailing-skate toe roll. The action of bringing the heel in is then a cue for the weight shift inwards as well as the edging.
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Seattle -- Free Harb Carver Demo

I posted this over on the PMTS forum and I will extend the invitation to any Epic supporters: I am going to be in Seattle this next weekend (July 8-9).

If there is anybody who would like to try out a set of Harb Carvers for an hour or so, contact me.

If I can get about 5-10 people, I will try to set something up.

Here is your chance to get initial instruction on them, see what they can do, and just have fun . . . for free.

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