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Regional Forum ???

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So, I am just throwing this out there but...

is there any desire (or has there been a previous thread) for a Regional Forum option, say something more specific than the Resorts Conditions and Travel Forum. Maybe this would help people to organize or get local information out to others in similar areas (like meetings, events, seminars, etc) in a more efficient manner? not trying to step on ANY toes here, and maybe this is a daunting task, so i will keep this short... anybody else have any thoughts on this? :
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Resorts, Conditions, in conjunction with Meet on the Hill, seems to work pretty well as is.
Just my opinion though.

edit: Howderpound, I want to say, by the way, there was indeed a previous thread regarding this but I don't know where to start to search for it.

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Ryan, you might enjoy having Gonzo, Howderpound and other Montanan bears off in our own little world. Aren't you getting sick of hearing us talking about no liftlines, pristine powder and runs untrashed by masses of boarders?
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No, not tired, I happen to live vicariously. Also, I'm hoping for a Montana March; I need to keep up with y'all's conditions.

And I know Gonz would set a password'r somethin', to keep the riff-raff out of the Montana Room, now that he's safely in.

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Originally posted by ryan:
... to keep the riff-raff out of the Montana Room, now that he's safely in.

sheesh [img]smile.gif[/img] , okay, so i was just thinking that it would be quicker and faster to find people and places that have something new going on, in your own vicinity, if you knew right where to look... hmmmm, the montana room... kinda like the sound of that hee hee! i suppose that your right, about the other forums... they do work well, and it is not like i have anything better to do with my time than read through ski related material and stare wistfully out the window, wait, i don't have a window, okay stare at the blue cubicle walls, dreaming of freshies (BTW- snow predicted for tomorrow here!!)
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So, this "Montana Room" can someone ensure the locks are put on the outside of the doors?

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all of our Oregon beer threads will always be open for you. No locks and no 3.2

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locks!? we don need no stinkin locks!

...well, maybe just on the backs of our jackets [img]smile.gif[/img] fine, take WTFH to oregon... he'll be back this way, i gau-ron-tee! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Since WTFH is Irish I've been trying to get him to Butte for years. I figure we'd load him up with Guinness then take him to Discovery's backside for some deep & steep lessons (sorry I couldn't find any pictures of the steep runs).

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That looks like Outhouse, the blue bump run in Winter Park from WP down to Mary Jane base.

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Just winding up Rio!
Outhouse was the first big bump run I did on my blades. The bumps were big, and while I did get down quickly, by the bottom my knees were agony.

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Fox, should we be expecting you to pass through before or after the gathering? FYI, Bozeman is over an hour closer to Jackson than SLC. The ski areas, people and sheep are much more laid-back than what you encounter in Utah.
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I'll look you guys up when I'm there to take up Nolo on her tour-of-Bridger offer.

That's a great pic, by the way. And looks steep enough for this foo'.

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Ryan -

Since Nolo's got Bridger covered I'll do the tours of Discovery, Big Sky and potential Moonlight Basin which opens this season.
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Maybe after. or maybe it should go on the list of possibilities for 2004/05!

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Saddleback is completely self contained with lodging and whatnot, and we would flip out at the chance to be host to a bear gathering. We need people to come, so unlike more well known resorts we don't care about the competition for ski lessons. Half of the lessons that take place on our slopes are freelance. I myself run lessons at the mountain with my own rates, seperate from the resort. I specialize in teaching stick in the mudd's who wont buy new equipment. You'll find alot of folks on ancient skis here in maine, partly because of the economy but mostly because of attitude. The arguement's I've heard go something like this: "I... am a creature of habit... and sonny... you just cahn't break me," or something like that.

So when I'm not patrolling for the mountain, I'm teaching the kermudgeons. You folks would love the laid back atmosphere and bada$$ terrain. We also get more snow than anybody in the east except for Jay Peak (we average about 300" at 2,400', 300' above the base), and contrary to marketing lies from American Skiing Company, Sugarloaf/USA is not the only above treeline lift serviced snowfield skiing in the east. The top 400' of our mountain is above treeline, and nowhere near as rocky as the Loaf.

If the folks running the eastern gathering are interested you should call Tom McAllister. He's the manager. Nice felluh.
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What's this I hear about the Montana Room? Would that be a Front Page discussion web on a slow connection?

There are only four people in the whole state and we have stopped talking to each other, so maybe we better be piled into the Bitterroot Room with Idaho. Just don't put us in with N. Dakota.

Very nice photo, Rio. Makes me want to join your tour.

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All this talk about Montana makes me home sick. I haven't been able to ski there for 5 years, but I'd love to try Lost Trail's new expansion area. They always get excellent snow, and now should have the terrain to take advantage of it.
I've never had the oppurtunity to ski Discovery's steeps when they had decent snow, but that backside sure looked good.
Went to school in Bozeman and loved Bridger (couldn't afford Big Sky except on $5 day)
I've been stuck in europe for the last three years, and now I'm on the beach in FL, so I'm looking forward to getting some turns in on the old stomping grounds of MT when I visit the folks this year.
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Hope you get back this winter, Chester. Weatherman says the N. Rockies will have a good snow year.
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Originally posted by Rio:
Ryan -

Since Nolo's got Bridger covered I'll do the tours of Discovery, Big Sky and potential Moonlight Basin which opens this season.
wow, well maybe i can tag along for this 'tour'... i am a bad representative of mt, just having moved here a few months back... then i can pretend like i have some friends, ha!

guess i can;t tell the joke then: 'how does a montana farmer find his sheep in high grasses...?' [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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howderpound -

If you're new to the area my advice is get a season pass at Bridger and a frequency card at Big Sky. Also, if you don't have some good rock skis be sure to pick some up on eBay or at the swap because there's some great skiing early in the season that's a shame to miss just because you don't want to ruin your skis.
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thanks for the advice rio, i am definately getting a bridger pass, hopefully this weekend, and am on the fence about the big sky : (leaning towards getting the 10 pack of tic's)... also, assuming the funds last, i am looking for a couple new pairs of skis so that i can convert the old ones to rock skis.

i tell you, looking up at the mountains, i am ready to get an early start [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] we are lucky devils, aren't we... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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howderpound -

Big Sky sells a frequency card for $35 that gives you $15 off normal ticket prices (which translates to $44 a day), $5 off early season ticket prices, free skiing the Sunday through Friday after Thanksgiving and 1/2 price tickets the last week of the season which is the week after Bridger closes. The 10 pass if bought early translates to $41 a day without spending $35 but you don't get the free week and the 1/2 at the end of the season. To top it off, you have to ski there 10 days which for me is a gamble. Two years ago I could have done 10 days easily but last season the powder was at Bridger so I only made it to Big Sky once besides for the free week and 1/2 week.
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