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More Baseball and Drugs

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The LA Times is running a more extensive report on its front page today. The overwhelming prevalence of amphetamines is detailed there - coffee pots marked "leaded" and "unleaded" in the clubhouses - but you have to register to view the story.

There is also reference to teams closer to the border with mexico have an advantage where procuring "banned substances" is concerned, as well as how latino players have easier access, too.

The fallout will be interesting.
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Jason Grimsley "retired" today.
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Ah, this explains how David Ortiz went from being dropped by the Twins to a hulking power hitter.

Has this guy already named names?
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Ah, this explains how David Ortiz went from being dropped by the Twins to a hulking power hitter.
nah, he's gotten so big feeding off yankee pitching.

grimsley has named names.

after plenty of big league service, he's going to get a nice pension. (he's making 825K this year.) but if he was hoping to hang around professional baseball, as a coach or whatever, he can forget that.
he is, by the way, a PERFECT example of a guy who pretty much has had to win a spot on the roster every year of his career, which includes plenty of minor league time. the perfect example of a guy who would do whatever it takes to "hang around." making a team and getting the major league minimum (350-grand, something like that) is more appealing than heading back to triple-A, riding the bus, etc. (personally, i'm as curious about the availability and distribution of this stuff in the minor leagues, where there are thousands of players who will also do whatever it takes to reach the bigs and make their dreams come true.)

i almost get the feeling baseball would be happy enough to keep the spotlight on steroids and off the rampant amphetamine use, to which the powers-that-be have turned a blind eye forever. seems like this might finally bring that out of the shadows.
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supposedly, many club houses have 2 pots of coffee...
Leaded-amphetamine loaded
unleaded-just MELKY-aaaahh I couldn't resist...
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