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I have finalised my latest project. It is the most radical modification i have ever made but i think that it will be the best.

Here are two pics of the Hybrid: curity=IXzUKp

Shell: Alu Comp
Cuff: XT-17
Bolts: Diablo Race R
Flex: similar to XT
Liner: Diablo Race R lace up leather (Lange RL11 ZR in the pics)
Strap: Lange RL11
Buckles: Lange RL11
Length:298 or 299mm (not 304 if my measurements are correct)
The shell is cut lower than the stock boot for foot steering and ankle subtlety. IMO, the heel pocket is medium-narrow. The mid and fore foot are medium. The instep is not as los as the XT (i wonder what boot is low in the instep as the XT - is there any available?) it is medium. IMO it is lower than the Diablo Race R and is definitely lower than the Lange RL11 which has a very very high instep. Overall, it is a medium volume boot with a medium-narrow heel.

The cuff is bolted to the shell with a single bolt. This makes the flex elastic and allows the boot to return to "neutral". The flex quality is very close to the XT-17. Unfortunately, i could not bolt the cuff to the shell with two bolts.

The lower strap now rests/rubs on the instep. If i remember correctly, with the stock cuff, it did not rest on the instep. This makes the boot more responsive, giving it "snow feel". Some people call this a "zero preload" boot.

The liner is the Diablo Race R leather lace up. It's the copy of the Dobermann WC 150 liner. The pictures show the ZR Lange WC 150, which, IMO is not as good. First, the Diablo/Dobie liner is leather which holds the liner a lot better when it is wet. Second, the materials used are better and the Dobie/Race R liner holds the foot better.

The Hybrid Alu is lightweight. It is close to the XT-17. If the XT-17 were a 10, i would rate the Alu a 8. The stock boot would be a 5. The comfy liner and the crappy stock cuff make it heavy like an SUV.

I feel that my boot plays in a different league now because the ankle/heel area is medium-narrow, the instep is medium and the lower leg is very tight. The XT cuff is narrow, holds the leg very well and turbocharges the shell. The forefoot is perfect. I think that it is very close to the semi-plugs now.