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skiing clothing

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what is the most amount of layers that you have ever worn when skiing or the most amount of layers that you have seen someone wear when skiing and could you name them please?? because i want to know if iam the only person who wears about 20-30 layers of clothing
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you are the only one.

most: three.

the "damn, it's cold" set-up: capilene base, a fleece over that, a shell over that.

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How do you move in all those layers? Maybe you should look into spring skiing . Three layers for me. I figure if its too cold for that, its time to hit the lodge for a few minutes.
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I wear Three Layers upper body Two lower body.
You just vary the thickness of the layers for conditions.

Base layer is key! keeping dry is what keeps you comfortable regardless of conditions.
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For skiing I don't use more than three. Base-fleece-shell.
If it's too cold for that, my face gets too cold anyway...
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Personally, I never wear more than 3 upper-body layers, and no more than 2 lower body layers, on the coldest of days. Normally, I just wear a t-shirt under my jacket/shell and long-johns under my ski pants. The trick in my opinion is having proper layering clothes and outterwear (different weights/breathability). I do understand though that not everyone has a boat load of shells/pants to pick from, but it can often be worth it if you intend on being in the elements for any decent strech of time (or number of days, when the weather can change dramatically).
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I smell a troll.
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20 or 30 layers? How can you go to the bathroom? Bend over to buckle your boots? Are you serious?

I usually do 3 on top, unless it is really cold them maybe 5. Two on my legs.
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Originally Posted by Lucky
I smell a troll.
yes, but it's not a bad subject.
2 on bottom, 3 on top.

I wear the same on the bottom as long as it's below 60 degrees, goretex ski pants with Northface windstopper microfleece pants (I own 4 pair)underneath. Above 60, just the ski pants and a pair of shorts. I regulate temperature on top.
On top, I wear a t-neck, maybe a layer and Goretex shell parka.
If there is a layer, it is either my very light Mountain Hardware Transition T, or my Mountain Hardware windstopper microfleece. that setup will keep me comfortable down to just sub-zero. If it's really F'en cold, I have this "thing" that I use as the layer. It came as a liner with my old patrol jacket, it's a nylon jacket with a fleece liner, I haven't been in cold enough where that didn't keep me warm....
If I'm in my insulated patrol jacket, that moves the top layer up one level.
Helmet on the dome, if it's really cold I'll wear a balaclava under the helmet.
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"could we name them?

Just for you. I'll name my base layer Marge .....

My mid layer Homer ....

My jacket ..... er ..... Bart.

at night all over Norway the troll come out and play and annoy and vex us ...
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Sleeping in a shelter at Hermit Lake a few years ago, I was wearing three layers on bottom, two pair of socks, and five layers on top, all while snuggled into a sleeping bag.
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I ski Utah/Colorado mostly and overheating is more of an issue for me than staying warm. Bottom: Silk or polyester layer first, then pants. Top: Silk or polyester layer first, then a medium weight synthetic mock T-neck, then a jacket/shell. If it is really cold (<10°), I’ll add a second silk or polyester layer over the first layer and/or use insulated pants. No cotton and no bulk. Good gloves always and a helmet… and I’m good to go.
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Three layers for me. If that doesn't cut it then I go in and complain.
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H'mm 20-30 layers. Either a troll or someone that does not wear a hat. Get a helmet, and you will be down to at most 3 layers. For me, capilene base layer, expedition weight fleece, and outer shell. Then again I wear a nice warm helmet on those real cold days to keep my feet warm.
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I think anyone being critical of the 20-30 comment, should also remember sarcasm is very hard to notice on internet forums, it might have just been put as an example of A LOT.

But I have to admit, I have had students from warm climates lok like the Staypuff Marshmellow Man when they arrive at a lesson.
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-20 to -40F

I confess I've gone to 4:

Semi-insulated hardshell over R3 over capilene T-shirt over Next-to-skin.

Now I have one of these:
Western Mountaineering Flash
so I'm back to 3.

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The most I've worn is 6, but only temporarily:

Usual long underwear
Extra kind of fleecy long underwear
Speed suit
------------Those three being cool, but manageable on a cold day, plus
Fleece pullover
Ordinary ski jacket
------------To stay warm while slipping, standing around, etc., and finally
Great big coat
------------Temporarily, until left at bottom of course to replace previous two
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It can depend on the weather. Weather I am joost gonna go out and ski or go out with Ollie and run a trap line for badgers.

For running a long set of leg hold traps the skis are helpful cause we have lots of gear and bait to haul and the more clothing the better.

Ollie and I prefer to go self contained and simple wearing as many layers as we can stand. This saves time bacause at night, the last thing you want to do is to rig a tent and set camp. Ollie came up with this self contained idea and it works quite well. We cram as many base layers as we can, a mix of wool and synthetic fleece and then add one more for good luck. All of this is packed inside a Helly Hansen survival suit. You are now warm and durable and much safer. Last year Ollie rolled down a pretty steep bluff when trying to get a badger that turned mean on him, over the side he went. I thought Ollie was a gonner but he just had a smile. Packed like he was, he rolled to the bottom safe and sound as you please.

Come a bad rain or snow at night, you just zip up the Helly Hood and you are warm and snug. The only drawback is that you don't have that communal feeling of "camp life" on a trap line, but Ollie is Norwegian and feels that too much talk is not good and ruins the hunt.

I think though that even Ollie would say that fifteen layers are too much since the most I have ever seen him don were nine, maybe ten. But he is getting older and can't take the cold like he used to.
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Three upper layers: UnderArmor cold weather shirt, T-shirt (long sleeved if it's really cold), and my Gore-Tex XCR hardshell.

One lower layer: Just the pants. My legs never get cold.
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Coldest of day I wear, Under armor warm gear top and bottom. Fleece pants, Fleece Top, with an insulating shell on the top and bottom.
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Originally Posted by Lucky
I smell a troll.

Hard to think about layering when the temperature is 90 degrees today. How about getting down to the epidermis.
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Originally Posted by Jamesj

Hard to think about layering when the temperature is 90 degrees today. How about getting down to the epidermis.
it has me wondering what i should wear tommorrow for my assault on springs.

Hey your in Northern Virginia if you still want to make some turns you can, drop everything responiable and head up to springs buy about 9 tomorrow.

to answer my own question I am thing swim suit no shirt
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Standard wear for my girlfriend would be 4-5 layers (more if it's a cold day).
thermo fleece underpants, wollen tights, socks layer 1, socks layer 2, ski pants, shirt, ski pully, wollen sweater, coat, beany hat.
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I like badger trapping.
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Me and Ollie are gonna' go out and set line a bunch of leg-hold traps tonight.

With the warm spell, we are gonna shed a layer or two.

Pray for us, this could get ugly!

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Silly me:

For cold days, it's a base layer, a t-shirt, fleece, then my jacket.
Track pants, then my snow pants.
Usually bare feet in my boots, sometimes (rarely) a pair of thin socks.

For warm days, I may shed the fleece or the jacket.
And instead of track pants, it's usually just shorts.
No socks.
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