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Buy Vail Resorts

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Originally Posted by nolo
Umm....wouldn't you need to buy BEFORE the earnings report, as investors typically buy in pre-earnings speculation and sell on the actual report?
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Um, shouldn't you buy when the stock price dips instead of when it spikes? (I'm not really advocating anyone buy VR, it's just a header for some information of interest.)
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My stock strategy has generally been to buy high and sell low. :

I don't necessarily advocate it for others, however.

It was an interesting story, Nolo. I was rather surprised at how high a P/E the market seems to value Vail Resorts. That seems curious.
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Vail the stock(MTN) has been one of the few shinning gems during the past 12-18 months of the market. It is still considered a "stong buy" by many brokers and so-called experts.

BTW it has already retreated back to it's pre 3Q report price level. One of the primary reasons is when it reached 7% alot of money was taken off the table, taking profits, thus taking the price down.
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Trotski and I had a bet going last year where I took Vail Resorts and he bet on K2 skis in this thread. Unfortunately he used real money. : JH Refugee took American Skiing Company and lost his shirt. Anyway, Vail resorts was at $38 at the beginning of May, and has been sliding since. So, the stock price is actually low right now at about $35, and is not getting a big kick up on the latest news. So, it could be investors see this news as a short-term blip.

Overall, betting on any skiing related stock seems to be a dicey gamble. If you really need a loss to writeoff, I suggest any American Skiing Company (AESK.OB) currently at 18 cents. IntraWest has been doing OK, but losing value since May. Could be that investors just don't buy skiing stock in the summer. I think I'll take the hint and follow that lead.: (or you could take stock advice from JHrefugee
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I'm glad to see them making money, so they'll continue to stay open late and offer low spring skiing packages . Their net profit margin at approx 20% is awful good.
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Pretty much everything has gone down since May. It all depends on the timeline you choose. I bought MTN in April/2005 at $24.58, do the math and you will see that it has done very, very well.

As I said in my previous post it's the brokers and so-called experts who rate MTN as a "strong buy". Personally I am going to hold but thinking about selling. ASC's report should be out next week, curious how they do.
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How much of Vail's profits are from non-sustainable real estate sales? From what I've heard about their business model, it doesn't sound like a good long-term investment to me...
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