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can you tell me what to dress my child in when skiing in sub zero temperatures because they dress themselves in like 10-20 layers and they still complain that they are cold, so could you please help me?????
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If they are under age 7 or 8 and aren't part Eskimo, then they probably shouldn't be out in sub-zero temps. Nothing is going to help. If temps are a little warmer or child is a little older then dress 'em like a modern adult starting with good quality undergarments/long underwear, multiple thin layers of high warmth and wicking clothing on top and bottom, waterproof ski pants and jacket, good quality gloves/mittens with possibly a thin pair of liner gloves, neck gaiter and/or face mask, warm hat and possibly a hood. One good pair of modern socks and possibly a second thin pair underneath primary sock. Etc, etc, etc, all the usual modern stuff. A good ski shop can advise you on this, maybe start at a ski swap and buy good quality used clothing for kids. When you get experienced or kids get older, you can find good buys on stuff from non ski-specific shops or on internet.

I'm sure there are lots of old threads on this, here's one from just recently: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=41387
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My opinion as an instructor who has taught many kids, let them dress how they want, so long as its overdressing. Kids will work up a lot of heat while skiing/boarding, and if they can dropp layers, good. However, they cannot add layers they did not bring.
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What do they wear on their head?
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Try a good neoprene balaclava / face mask combo under a helmet and goggles - feels like you're inside when you've got all that layering up top where it counts. My 10 y/o handled -20 F with 20+ mph winds in that getup.
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well not to question your parenting skills but if they say there cold...they probably are cold and since at a very young age i got my oldest frost bite i would say if its below 20 then make sure you check very frequently for frost bite and at below 0 leave them home..I may sound sadistic but it really doesn't bother me to hear or see kids in tears because they lost feeling in hands and toes on subzero days and all because the parents did not have a clue to how cold ,cold actually is....

now with that said
good insulated gloves
helmet with head sock or built in mask"will get wet make sure you have a couple per kid"
good wicking long underwear
good fleece pant
good water/windproof bibs
good wicking turtleneck
good fleece top
heavy ski jacket that zips to cover face
good thin wicking sock and good wool/heavy sock for skiing
check exposed skin for white spots "more times the better"
break frequently
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If those kids; kids today complain about everything don't they, just send em' to me an Ollie. After a few days staked out as bait on a badger set line they will appreciate the things you have provided for them.

Up here we use duct tape for everything and if they complain on the lift, just duct tape them in place and off you go. Lifties are pretty used to kids screaming and hollering and after a few hours of quite skiing for you and Mrs. ct_jnr, they will be right where you left them.

I assume they are you and Mrs ct_jnr's kids right?
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No Cotton!!!
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Anybody seen "A Christmas Storry"?

It's really hard with little ones who can't communicate how cold they are. Once they can though, you should listen to them. I remember when I was little I was quite warm, even though out of style in one-piece "snowmobile" suits. That pepper in the skates did not do much to keep my feet from freezing though.

With my own kids, I've had pretty good luck with over-stuffed down ski clothes. They usually have a temperature rating on them. The only thing is to make sure you get stuff that has enough down in it to be warm, and not stuff that has a tiny bit of down so it can be light weight. I assume your talking cold weather here, and not weather where the down get wet.
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