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Chairlift puzzle

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Ok -- there has to be somebody here who can explain this! It was suppossedly taken at Breckenridge back in the 80s and suppossedly shows a quad chair crossing over a double chair... But there are just way too many lift towers in that picture! Why are the super-high lift towers in the center of the picture only carrying chairs uphill?

Any Breckenridge locals who care to explain this one?
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The really disturbing bit is the lack of a return cable from the foreground offloading station back to the tallest tower.

Everything else can be explained.
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Not much snow and bare spots all over. It's spring and they are pulling chairs for maintenance???

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Originally posted by comprex:
The really disturbing bit is the lack of a return cable from the foreground offloading station back to the tallest tower.

Everything else can be explained.
I figured that the bullwheel on the extreme right edge of the picture might be a mid-point unloading station, as oppossed to the top. i.e., that lift is taking a 90 degree bend to the left in order to allow a mid-point unload to a downhill slope. It's almost like they're sending the chairs back down on a completely separate path for a while?
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Hi Kevin, How went your season since the ETU?

My take on the chair puzzel is that the chair coming at you and unloading to the right returns downhill on the tower just to the left. For some reason the chairs are returning another clear cut to the bottom. On the lift going across the photo the lower chairs re uploading skiers and the empty chairs on the top of the towers are returning downhill. There are only two lifts but the way the one lifts rounds the bullwheel and returns toward the same cut as the other lift really makes it hard to follow where the chairs are going. Does that make sense?
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All the structures in the photo are one lift: Snowflake, manufactured by Poma, 1996. The bend was necessitated by pre-existing buildings that occupied the conventional right-of-way.
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Ok I think I got it.

I think I can see how it works. There are actually three bulwheels in the pic.

The chairs you see on the high side of the tall towers are returning downhill. The load side is much lower and hidden behind the tallest towers, you can see this if you look closely.

Just behind the most visibly apparent people in the pic is a bullwheel, this is where the chairs coming up that low load side turn and head to the pic's left, and why you cannot see how they relate to that closest bullwheel.

Somewhere up to the left is the unloading station.

So the light side comes down (as you can see above the two people mentioned earlier), but does not make a turn at the same place. They continue down to the right and make a turn at the other bullwheel (visibly the 2nd tower from right edge of page) and come up to the closest bulwheel in the pic. From there they are returning downhill, and begin to share common towers when the cable reaches the tall towers again

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