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Hurricanes vs. Oilers!

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Who are you cheering for?
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Having lived in Raleigh a while back, the Canes! (But in reality I don't really care.)

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I live in Edmonton, so I'm cheering for umm, the Oilers. Game five was unreal...back to edmonton for game six to hopefully even it up. They've been a team of destiny this year.
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So were the Sabres till they were decimated by injuries.

As banged up as they were they took the Canes to a game seven before they ran out of gas.
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Congrats to the 'Canes and their fans...major props to the Oilers for making it as exciting as it was.
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Yup, it's disappointing to get within one goal in game seven and then lose, but either one of those teams deserved to win, (the 'Canes had 3 Edmonton area players and one other Alberta bred guy on the team including Conn Smythe winner Cam Ward, so it wasn't so bad to lose to them.... ).

The Oilers barely made it into the playoffs, then lost their top goalie in game 1 of the finals, so they gave their fans an incredible run this spring. Most of the Oilers were either playoff rookies or had never won the cup, so the experience they got this year will go a long way in the future.
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It was a great series and exciting to the end. Still - I wish Edmonton would have won it. To have come back the way they did after losing Rollie the Goalie, starting from such a low seed, working so hard for so long... wow. They should be proud.

Congrats to the Hurricanes for a great series and a great Cup win!
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Reguardless, the Sabres had lost five of their starting players, four being defensemen, and still took the Canes to game seven. Anyhow, the Cup will come home here. Kevin Adams of the Canes lives just up the road from me here in Bemus Point. He said if he wins he will bring the Cup to the local gin mill for all to see.
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status report on edmonton anyone?? burned to the ground yet?

as much as i would have liked to see it come back to canada, i think it will be good for the sport having the cup where it hasn't been before (NC), and maybe gather a few more fans for next season.
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