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Volkl skis on ebay???

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Anyone know anything about the "Rip it" Skis on ebay. They don't give any dimensions. They clain it's a mogul ski but haven't heard anything about em.
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Hmmmm, nope. We dug through all their past brochures and checked the web site. Nothing. They're probably a promo product like the Porsche (P50SC or Supersport 5*, depending on the year), or the Mountain Dew (also the P50SC, I beleive). Without them giving the dimensions, it's hard to know.
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I'd love to know if they are last years dragon slayer or a new mogul ski or just a lesser quality promotional ski?
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I just took a closer look at the listing again....The Mfg sticker shows it to be an AC1. That would be part of the Unlimited series. It's an all mountain, not a mogul ski. Here's the link to the Volkl site:
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Next years Volkl bump ski is called the 'Rebellion'. The AC1 is the lowest performance ski in the unlimited series.
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Still confused. So it is their new bump ski?
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It goes like this:

2007 Volkl mogul ski=Rebellion

"Rip It" ski=AC1

AC1=Intermediate level 'all mountain' ski

'Rip It" ski DOES NOT EQUAL mogul ski.
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Here's the link to the listing....which one do you think it is? I haven't been able to get any 06-07 info, so I'm just going by the mfg sticker...but maybe you know more than I do. rdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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Sorry, I never saw the eBay listing, now I SEE where the confusion is coming from. That ski LOOKS like an AC1 with the 'Rebellion' graphic pattern and the 'Rip It' lettering. From the picture it appears to have way more sidecut than the 'real' rebellion, that and the manufacturer's sticker saying AC1 lead me to speculate that it is a 'special make-up' AC1.

Sorry Ski=Free, I didn't realize the ski had the 'Rip-It' AND Rebellion names on it.
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Cool, thanks for the look-see. That was my take on it also.
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Whiteroom, I agree. Way too much side cut to be a mogul ski.
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Al's Sporting Goods is listing the ski at $649, the description by Al's follows. It is a skinny ski, and 170 is short for a twin. sidecut not that extreme and radius calculates at 27.3 meters in Physicsman's calculator. The twinned tail is really going to slip out of the bumps without catching the tail edge. Looks fine to me.:

The Volkl Rebellion Mogul ski is the same ski that you saw in the 2006 Olympics. Built for real bump / mogul skiers that is looking for a ski to run zipperline all day.

- Power Construction
- Sensorwood
- 1.6mm edges
- Mogul Skis

'07 Volkl Rebellion Expert Mogul Skis

Dimensions: 89-63-78

The Volkl Rebellion is now in stock and ready to ship.

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The RipIt skis are not Rebellions, they are AC1s with a graphic very similar to the Rebelleion. The connection is Jeremy Bloom. Bloom designed the snow camo graphic on the Rebellion, so sponsor RipIT wanted that to be on their promo skis as well.
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Thanks troutman. That ski has half the value of a new Rebellion then, and a completely different purpose. Glad to see you watching out for us.
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