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Lack of Snow

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Just returned from a short trip to Colorado. Stops at Summit County on the way to and from Steamboat. I was very suprised to see the lack of snow anywhere other than the few piddly mounds of man made at Loveland and A Basin. What really suprised me was the lack of snow on the high peaks. If you strained the eyes you could see little whisps of snow in the shadows of the crags and chutes. Even on the way to steamboat, the Never Summer Mountains over in the National Park had no snow on them. Wow!

Should have brought my golf clubs as it was in the eighties. Looks like it's going to be quite a while before any Resorts open out there.

We did pick up our four mountain passes while at Keystone. What a deal!

We got two passes for four Resorts below the cost for one at Holiday Valley.
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Europe is looking a bit better.

Lech Forecast and Web Cams

The high sections of the Alps have already received 1 meter of snow (which mostly melted) and are now getting a bigger dose.

Will this trend continue? Europe often has long, dry spells--often at the worst times (January and February). Good snow early in the season does not necessarily mean the entire season will be good. However, hope springs eternal.

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It looks like we are finally going to see a change in the weather this weekend. Possibility of snow showers this weekend-more importantly colder temperatures, so snow making can resume. A few cold nights and the resorts can get at least one run open. My boss still says we are targeting the 1st at Copper.

We haven't seen any measurable precipitation in 6 weeks. We are still in a drought cycle. The fire danger is rated as very high-a number of controlled burns have been cancelled. It could all change in a heartbeat but early season isn't looking good. Then again, it is only October 22nd.

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They are calling for a good 2 weeks of 10 degrees above average temperatures here in Oregon. Yet another dry October-less than 1/2 of normal precip for the month. I hope this doesn't turn into our 3rd bad year out of 4.
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I here it is supposed to be another bad year of all man made snow up here in WI.

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Remember the 3 foot dump we got last year on the
first weekend of November...There is still hope...
What I heard from the ""Weather Guru""
here at Winter Park is....Look for a change of the weather patterns the 1st week of December.
I drove to Loveland yesterday and it does not look good.
They planned to open on Friday...but the truth is...
it is to warm and they have not been able to make snow
like they were able to do last year...
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Temperatures are definitely way above normal. I wore a t-shirt around Summit Co all day today.

So far snowmaking operations seem mixed. Keystone hasn't been able to fire up theirs yet but Copper has guns going and a lot of snow up high. I haven't heard about A Basin's new system yet, but Loveland is making snow too. It's a little early for Breck to make snow, so that's not much news.

But none of that really means a lot. I'd rather have a warm October than a warm January. No one counts on spectacular skiing in November or December, though in the past few years there's been some pleasant surprises. Who knows, it is completely possible for it to become a blizzard at any point. Last year at this time we got 3 feet of snow within just a few days.
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Tell me about it Utah has been in a severe drought for the past 5 years! And it seems like we are setting new record highs everyday.
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Tell me about it Utah has been in a severe drought for the past 5 years! And it seems like we are setting new record highs everyday.
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Supposedly a big storm is going to hit the wasatch sometime Thursday night or friday morning!

please pray for us.....

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Yess, Europe is looking much better.
This morning even the mountains facing my village, 20 km away(well, oversized hills), were white with snow!
At 800mt a.s.l.!
I expect it to be all melt away by tonight, thought.

see webcam...the webcam is located at 1700mt a.s.l.
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should be more on the way in Europe tonight
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This year Mt. Hood was actually BLACK! It has a touch of white now but not enough to enjoy yet. still yearning for snow.
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Might be time for that Eastern skiing experience.... it's gettin there....
snow here meow
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eastsucks, maybe this years it's the other way around...
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As I speak to you all right now, it is snowing and there is probably two inches on the ground.

And, it is in the 80'sin Colorado?

What's up with that?
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The temperatures finally dropped Thursday night. Loveland was making snow when I drove down to Denver early this morning and the guns were still cranking when I came back by at 1:30. They still have a long way to go.

A-Basin looked pretty bleak Thursday as I headed up to the top of the Loveland Pass for a hike. I'm sure their guns are blazing too.

Highs over the next week are suppposed to be in the 40's and low 50's. It will definitely be cold at night for the guns to be cranking.

Both Loveland and A-Basin are playing it coy with the media on their opening date. Expect one to jump the gun in the next few days to get bragging rights. When they open it will be chaos!!!

Copper could open on the upper mountain (Copperopolis) right now but that terrain is reserved for the various national and international race teams preparing for their season openers. Those teams pay BIG bucks for that terrain, lodging etc.I have no objections since it ultimately helps us get open to the public earlier than in years past. They are still saying the public opening will be on Saturday the 1st. We'll be there. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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