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Armada skis

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Has anyone seen / tried these? Would you consider having a pair if you weren't an expert freerider?

(info at www.armadaskis.com)
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Frankly, I didn't find anything special about them (AR5). They were a lot stiffer than the vast majority of twin tips I've tried hence, less forgiving of errors.

I'm not the greatest in the terrain park so I needed a ski that soaked up transitions, was lightweight for spinning, and cushioned landings. None of these criteria were met with the AR5. I got spanked.

I think the skis are built really tough and can take a lot of abuse especially for jibbing. Best left for the best of the best, IMO.

There's also the image associated with the ski company. By riders for riders. An independant firm taking on the establishment. True to the movement. Etc. Blah, blah, blah.

I don't know, they just didn't help me become a better park rat...
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