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Rocky mtn. way Colorado

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Hi folks, I and two other lower middle aged friends are confirmed for our first ski trip to Colorado. Feb 3-11 2007. We are three guys, one married two single, that usually ski Whistler and in the past Utah on several occasions.
I'm ex Whistler patrol, one friend ex Big Sky patrol and the other currently instructs at Whistler. Looking for some fellow bears male or female expert skiers that are familiar with Colorado resorts and perhaps have some inside info where and when to go. Will gladly reciprocate if anybody up Whistler way. Plan on skiing Vail, Crested Butte, Steamboat, Aspen Highlands, Copper,Breakinridge and others with bear wisdom/advise. Enjoy the social aspect of skiing during and apres. Like to ski hard at times cruise fast others, comfortable on blacks double blacks at Whistler. The occasion triple black at Whistler ok to with right conditions (not on trail map but lots there).
So if anybody is interested let me know. Will be renting large 4X4 out of DIA, so transportation not a problem, will be based out of Leadville (tentative at this time). Dont mind bribing for good local knowledge (swill or lift tix).
Have a great summer folks thanks with regards extremeskier
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Sounds like fun. Just some friendly commentary on your itinerary: your destinations are spread pretty widely across Colorado for a one week trip. From Leadville I don't believe Aspen, Crested Butte or Steamboat will be easy daytrips, nor are they near each other for a convenient overnight pairing. If it's variety you want (i.e. a different ski area every day) near Leadville why not include the snowcats at Cooper, Keystone, A-basin or Beaver Creek, along with your other choices in that area?
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James has a point. Aspen, Steamboat, and Crested Butte are not that close to Leadville. Out of those three Steamboat would probably be the most reasonable to get to for a day, then maybe Crested Butte. The summit county and Vail areas are definitely close by. Loveland is 10 minutes further, not quite an hour to get to Winterpark I believe. You would probably be better served staying around Summit and like James said, doing a snowcat ride or something along those lines.
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Leadville, great place, Lake County, 10,200'above the Sea! Lets us know when the time comes, just got a place 2 miles out of town & we enjoy it! So much to do & so few people to deal with!
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Copper has a free cat ride that'll take you up Tucker Mtn. If you're skiing Copper, I'd recommend trying it out. During the week the line is usually pretty short. Cat skiing at the best price available (free!)

Crested Butte will be about a 3 hour drive, so be sure to check conditions before heading down there. On a good year it's epic, on a bad year it's potentially miserable. Aspen Highlands will be a long drive as well, but it's a great mountain. If you're willing to hike a lot, ski Highlands. If you want slightly less challenging terrain but no hiking, I'd highly recommend Snowmass (one of the most underrated mountains in North America.) I hate going to Aspen just because I have to make a decision about where to ski.. it's so hard.

Staying in Frisco would be easier than staying in Leadvegas for those locations except Crested Butte.

If you didn't mind keeping stuff in a car and hotel hopping, I'd try this itinerary. It takes advantage of cheap lodging options, lets you acclimate a bit with easier skiing.

Feb 3rd - fly into DIA, ski Loveland or A Basin (harder of the two) on the way up. Stay the night in Frisco.

Feb 4th - ski Breck, stay in Frisco

Feb 5th - ski Copper, stay in Frisco

Feb 6th - ski your favorite of those resorts again, take it easy because you'll have 2 ass kicking days coming up, stay in Glenwood Springs

Feb 7th - ski Aspen Highlands (or Snowmass), drive down to Silverton and stay there

Feb 8th - you guys are good enough to ski Silverton, so give it a shot. Since you're patrollers I'm sure you'll get a kick out of the terrain and staff there. Plus, skiing on a Thursday means you could potentially have a great day of fresh powder (they're closed the days before that). Drive to Rifle or Craig at the end of the day after hitting Orvis Hot Springs north of Ouray.

Feb 9th - ski Steamboat, drive to Hot Sulphur Springs and spend the night.

Feb 10th - ski Winter Park, stay in Denver or Georgetown depending on your flight

Feb 11th - ski Loveland again or head home

It'd be a great itinerary, but you'd have to hope the weekends aren't too busy at those places. I don't think it'll be too bad considering where you'll be skiing - just head to the parts of the map with all the black diamonds on it.
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vinn.....that's a great plan. i'd make two minor changes. enroute to or after the boat go to stawberry park. after WP stay in georgetown and ski loveland.
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My 2$:
2/3: Steamboat, sleep in Frisco.
2/4: Vail, sleep in Avon.
2/5: Vail, sleep in Glenwood.
2/6: Aspen, "
2/7: Aspen Highlands, "
2/8: Snowmass, "
2/9: Repeat one of the Aspens, sleep in Frisco.
2/10: Copper or Keystone, sleep in Winter Park.
2/11: Winter Park

Skip Breck, too easy and crowded. Loveland and A-Basin too small.
Crested Butte and Silverton too far.

Oh heck, have a wonderful time!
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