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Prophet 100s

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I am looking into a pair of Prophet 100's but havnt really found too much info on them. I am an expert skier and am looking for a softer powder ski. i am currently riding old school volkl explosives (190, yellow top sheet, stiff as hell). I currently ski in lake tahoe primarly at alpine. these skis would be mainly for powder days.

does anyone know any info about the prophets? how are they in terms of stiffness? how do they compare to the mantras? i am basically looking for a ski that is softer than my explosives that will tear it up in powder. any info would be much appreciated. i found a pair for pretty cheap which is one of the main reasons i am looking into them. thanks.
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They suck , Now where did you find this great deal ?Maybe i could buy them so you don't go wrong here.Just to do my part for another Bear.

I saw a couple references to them before that got me interested ,try a search
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They have a very different feel than the Mantra. The Line is 'surfy' the Mantra is 'carvy'. The Line is loose and easy to pivot and scarve, the Mantra has bit more substantial feel and is going to feel better on groomed/ firm snow. The Line will float better and feel lighter and change direction easier it's also a twin tip. The Mantra rocks as a big 'one ski' quiver.
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So if you had to choose?. Which would you?
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Hey GaryZ,

That's a tough question...

If I wanted a floaty ski that was quick and light feeling with a twin-tip, I'd go with the Line. (I'd REALLY go Head Mojo 105 or Gotama) I don't like the way Lines feel but I like how easy they can make difficult terrain feel. I've said at the start of a run, "these feel cheap and crappy" and at the bottom of a gnarly tree line, while waiting for the rest of the posse, "man I'm ON today!" They make it easy to feel good, that's a good thing, as Martha would say!!

If I wanted a 'big ski' that would compliment a hard snow ripper for a 2 ski quiver or if I lived in the mountains (oh wait, I DO) and wanted one ski to 'do it all' I'd go with the Mantra.

For a Multi-ski quiver the Mantra falls in between catagories and sort of gets lost in no mans land. It's really too wide to be a 'monster mid-fat' and too narrow to be a soft snow float machine. It still rocks though.
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