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169 seth too short?

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I am in the market for some all-mountain/park skis. I am 5'10" and 150lbs. Would a 169 seth be too short for me. I was thinking a 179 may be too much in the park as my first park ski. Would a 169 still give me a bit of float or in the powder or is it much too short. I can get a great deal on 169 only but if they are going to be pretty useless then it would be a waste. What do u think.
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I ski a 170 cm @ 180#/5'10" in off piste and it provides adaquate floatation. I would go with the 169cm since it's a deal too.
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The Seth really isn't an 'all-mountain/park' ski. The Public Enemy (174cm or 179cm) or Fujative (179) would be better and more appropriate choices. They are also cheaper.
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Yeah, the Seths aren't exactly a park ski, but if those are what you want, then at your weight you'd be fine on 169. I have them in 179, along with Public Enemies which are 174 and Heads at 170, but I have at least 30lbs on you as well.
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