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I have been trying hard to get off of celebrex. (I have trouble with bleeding from most Cox 1/Cox 2 NSAIDS which is why I take it) . I stopped using it about 2 weeks ago (2cnd or 3rd attempt at quitting). Prior to replacement (I am 8 weeks post total hip replacement - 2cnd one - now with one on each side) the hip made it pretty hard to quit. Even without the hip arthritis I'm having a hard time without the celbrex. I've got a fair amount of arthritic joints and experience a reasonable amount of pain and inflammation. Celebrex makes a signifcant difference. I guess I could just switch to vicodin, oxycodone or something elce but ...

A friend gave me a tube of Traumeel ointment which initially seems to have some noticeable positive affect on some of the sore joints in my hand. I understand that in addition to ointment or gel, there are also Traumeel tablets. I've just started giving the tablets a try.

Anyone have any knowledge or experience with Traumeel? How about any other homeopathics or neutraceuticals for general pain and inflammation?
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Please head to this web site for more information on homeopathy:

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NSAID alternatives


Thanks for the link. I am very skeptical of homeopathic medicines in general. The only reason I tried the Truameel ointment was that it was given to me as a gift. The surprising thing is that it seemed to have a noticable effect on wrist and fingers that get sore. That's what raised my interest. I figured it would be a VERY long shot to have any effect from ingestion even if it has an effect topically. However, I am pretty desperate to find some alternative relief while trying to avoid further celebrex use or other NSAID's. Haven't noticed ANY effect from the pills although I'll probably give it a chance until the bottle is used up. I'm back to taking a few NSAID's as I work on tennis after my most recent hip replacement.

On the other hand, there certainly are neutraceuticals that at least inconsistently seem to work to some degree based on scientific studies. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omega 3's, are among them. Also, tart cherry juice has demonstrated antinflamatory activity (based on identified compounds) in vitro although I do not know of any clinical studies.
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NSAID alternatives..

The traumeel cream should give you some relief. This is a very popular cream used by active athletes for sore muscles, aches and pains. You might also try Ginger tablets which is a great anti-inflammatory natural herb. I would suggest if you want to explore the alternative route that you set up an appointment with a ND and get a full physical from them. Most NDs will look not only to specific needs but the whole in general as in your diet, exercise habits and other medications you may be taking. I've used naturopathic methods for two recent problems all with excellent results helping me by-pass surgery.
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I take the homeopathic remedy called Arnica Montana 30C 2 or 3 pellets under the tongue before I ski, during the day and especially when I finish skiing. It's part of my "pain kit" when I crash. It's a primary ingredient in Trameel and Traumamed creams. The Arnica relieves swelling, thus relieving the pain assoicated with it. The nice about homeopathy and its tiny doses there are no side effects. Good luck.

Ski and be Mary
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I read this and immediately thought of arnica and wondered if it wasn't one of the main ingredients. I've taken arnica at times for probably 15 years at least and the enlightened health professionals I've dealt with have been supportive of the concept. Probably because they had a clue about it and what they were talking about. As pointed out many 'homeo' therapies eventually make it to mainstream where even the most 'stuck in their ways and fearing non traditional medicince' skeptics can no longer deny the benefits. Others are just slow and go on the attack to hide their fear and ignorance.

I have found the Arnica to be quite effective for mild inflammation and traumas and also used it through knee surgeries. It is not as powerfull as the other drugs you're talking about but also lacks the side effects so may be just the thing to help ween you off and get over the hump. May also be just the thing to ease inflammation ongoing as well.
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I have found that this product, JOI, works.
too bad it's gotten so expensive

(BTW I just googled JOI from memory to find a reference to the product; I can't reccommend a distributer)

And don't bother telling me the willow bark is just less powerful ASA, the product worked for me far better than anything my MD could prescribe.
A simple pain medication like oxycodone might be good for pain, but it only treats the symptoms.
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I certainly appreciate the discussion. Thanks.
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Relieving the symptoms is not a small thing.

Traumeel or JOI for plantar fascitis temporary relief, worth the money?
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Originally Posted by comprex
Traumeel or JOI for plantar fascitis temporary relief, worth the money?
I would say it depends on how severe. Regardless you would want to focus on relieving the irritation and inflammation as opposed to pain suppression. No pain could lead to more strain. Orthotics, stiffer shoes (shank), raised heel and stretching of the calf and hamstrings could all help relieve the pressure.

Arnica/traumeel may help a bit with the inflammation but hard to say how much. Arnica is available as an ointment to be absorbed locally through the skin. Not sure about traumeel and I don't know anything about JOI.
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Originally Posted by L7
raised heel and stretching of the calf and hamstrings could all help relieve the pressure.
That's the plan right now; interesting point about rigidity, but most likely trigger was a CF skate boot on a flat-top frame. </hijack>
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I would buy the JOI, but you probably figured that out from my above post.
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Brief summaries of Arnica clinical trials:
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" Greater pain and swelling was found for Arnica than placebo in patients after wisdom teeth extractions in a double blind study Kaziro 1984" :
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