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Watching the spelling bee---WOW these kids are smart. Just learned that Kanone--means EXPERT SKIER.

Here is to all of you Kanones---or is it Kanonies????

Also to you Kanonies wanabeees

Did a search of the Epic site. One use of the praise to "bob" who helped a skier do better. Obviously the proper use.
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Some might say you need "cahoonees" to be a konone. I am sure I would be asked to sit down in the spelling bee.
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LOL, I just watched it too. Never heard the word before.
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I'm ready for the book:

"Anyone can be a Kanone"
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FYI, Kanone means cannon in German, the plural is Kanonen. It is a term used for a heavy hitter in many sports, including skiing.

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Ott---thanks, I was trying to figure out how I would remember this bit o I know. Excellent.
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