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Seth Vicious compared to Chief?

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Hi, Is the SV stiffer than the Chief- tortsionally and or flex? The SV seems to be a favorite yet they have similar sidecut and construction - and neither seems to have metal?SV reviews favorably mention its crud busting abilities which would make me think it is stiffer?

This is from the K2 site:


DIMENSIONS: 130/98/118
FEATURES: Twin Tip, Triaxial Braided, ABS Sidewall, Tip/Tail rivets
SIZES: 169, 179, 189


DIMENSIONS: 131/98/116
FEATURES: MOD Technology, Triaxial Braided
SIZES: 167, 174, 181, 188

It is possible for the triaxial braide to be such that the SV could be stiffer - although I wonder just by how much without metal.
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From what I can see, the Vicious has a progressive flex, but supposedly flexes kind of soft, while the Chief has a medium-stiff flex. I would think that would be the case since the Vicious would need a softer flex for tricks, park skiing.
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I'd say the MAJOR difference between the two skis, or what would cause you to choose one over the other, is the design, not the flex. The SV is a full Twin-Tip the Chief is not. The SV is intended to have a 'forward' mounting point, the Chief uses a 'traditional' mounting point. The SV is vertical sidewall, the Chief is not. The SV has rivets at tip and tail to prevent delamination from repeated slap landings, the Chief does not.

Are you looking for a new school Park n' Powder ski? get the SV.

Are you looking for a fat powder ski that's got a more traditional feel (not meant to be mid-mounted, no twin-tip)? get the Chief.

Don't get bogged down in 'torsional rigidity due to triaxial braided...' There is almost always something obvious to differentiate similar ski models from the same company. In this case it's New School vs. Old School. If anything with a 98mm waist can be called old school.
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The question is more about why does the SV seems to get more favored comments regarding crud skiing than the Chief. Typically stiffer skis do better in crud - although a straighter sidecut, longer ski... is a part of this as well. Seems like even old schoolers are choosing the SV over the Chief as an off-piste, powder tool.

Im in the market for a powder/off-piste ski. On the list are Chiefs, SV and Sugar Daddy. As I ski tahoe, sierra cement, crud attributes are important.
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