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Normally when i ski in the alps i don't listen to music. But at the skidome where i ski they always play the same astrian/bavarian music (which i only like when i'm very drunk [img]smile.gif[/img]). So i took my walkman and used it indoors. So i have a few questions:

1) Do you guy's listen to music on the slopes or do you think it's dangerous (can't hear anything else)?

2) If you listen to music, what do you use (walkman, discman, minidisc, mp3) and why do you like it?

3) What kind of earphones do you use? I've found that a soon as i get some speed my in ear earphones won't stay in.

4) What music do you like to listen to while skiing? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Who remembers "Astraltunes"? They were the 70's version of walkmen. Back in my freedoggin days my competition bumpin' tune was "WhammerJammer" by J. Geils. Don't think the bod could synchro to that anymore. Now I just rely on the cruisn', 3/4 time waltze in my head.
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Astraul Tunes Rule! I'd love to find one of those again. It was the size of an in-dash tape player that strapped onto your chest. Strap one of those bad boy's on, tie your bandana to your thigh and rock on!
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I use an .mp3 player -- Rio 800 128meg. The only problem is that I end up not hearing my neighbor on the chair lift, when he/she is saying "having a good day?" or likewise.
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