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2006 World Cup: Who? - Page 4

Poll Results: Who will win 2006 World Cup?

  • 24% (11)
  • 8% (4)
  • 13% (6)
  • 6% (3)
  • 11% (5)
  • 2% (1)
  • 11% (5)
  • 4% (2)
  • 4% (2)
  • 4% (2)
    Czech Rep.
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
    Serbia and Mont.
  • 2% (1)
    Cote D'Ivoire
  • 4% (2)
  • 2% (1)
  • 0% (0)
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Portugal vs. Netherlands: 4 red cards, 16 some yellow cards

And you thought that the US had it bad.
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Originally Posted by Latchigo
Since you are afraid to admit it, I can only assume you are American born.
Bravo! Once again, your keen intellect endeavors to arrive at the completely wrong answer. Besides, what does my nationality have to do with the validity of my arguments? I mean, I don't attribute your spectacular ignorace and lack of intellect to your being English, Irish, German, Chinese, or Brazilian or whatever else. Regardless of which country you're from, you'll always be a wanker.

In order to not contribute to the further thrunting here, that's all.

Thank you.
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Okay, back to football...

England - Ecuador: One of the most boring games so far. Ecuador seemed content to sit back for the most part. England did improve after the break, but only until Beckham's goal. Scoring goals mainly from set-pieces and time-wasting for the last half hour do not bode well. Rooney again looked good, but Lampard must really have left his shooting boots back at Stamford Bridge.

Portugal - Holland: More like a war of attrition! Lots of bad fouls, diving, and play-acting by both teams. Figo should have been sent off. I thought Deco's second yellow may have been a bit harsh. And Sneijder shoving Tiago to the ground could/should have brought his marching orders. In terms of what little actual football was played, Portugal held their shape well. Robben and van Persie seemed to be trying to win the game on their own, and were quite isolated from Kuyt in the middle. van Nistelrooy's omission was a bit mystifying. It's sad that we won't see a full-strength Portugal against England, but they can only blame themselves for some of it.

Obviously (and as always) referees have been a big point of discussion. The problem may lie in the fact that FIFA wants "stricter" refereeing at the World Cups, so we have somewhat different standards than what players are used to in their leagues and continental competitions (e.g. Champions League, Copa Libertadores). Players go in for tackles which would merely earn a whistle during the regular season now suddenly face yellows and reds.
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Originally Posted by faisasy
Besides, what does my nationality have to do with the validity of my arguments?
Just wanted to establish a reason for you being such an ignorant p***k.

Why would you ponticate at length about something...... and yet you clearly have no idea about it?

That's all .
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Who said cheats never prosper.

Aussies clearly undone by the diving ploy. Another reason for introducing TV replays for contentious decisions.
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Originally Posted by Latchigo
Who said cheats never prosper.

Aussies clearly undone by the diving ploy. Another reason for introducing TV replays for contentious decisions.
Watching the replay here on Canal+, it appeared the Aussie's arm did block his foot. Even if it was by accident, it prevented him from getting to the ball close to the goal. Penalty, no question.
It's a shame though, I don't like matches being decided like that.
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In the replays here on ITV the Aussie was on the deck. The Italian just threw himself over him, looking for a penalty.

No deliberate contact by the Aussie.
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now now boys...the world cup is supposed to promote peace and sportsmanship...

lousy end to the Australia / Italy match...

I'm rooting for GHANA to advance..

(in part to give some redemption to the yanks, but also because Italy, Brazil Argentina is getting old...lets see a new power emerge...)
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Have to feel for the Australians. The penalty call seemed 50-50, but I'd lean towards it being not deserved. Yes, he did trip over Lucas Neill (WTFH -- saw the replay again, and Neill's arm seemed to just miss the ball), but it looked like he realized his angle had been cut and the ball was perhaps a bit too far ahead, so instead of going around the defender (like the ball), he went over him.

I'll put it down to the Australians' inexperience -- perhaps Neill should not have gone to ground like that in the penalty box so late, knowing that the Italians would go down at the slightest contact? Coming up against the canny Italians has to be one of the hardest lessons for inexperienced sides like Australia.
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To see

If the Souther Star side does well, there would be no harm in that. The Argentines are in my book for a good run.

When Brazil sees Ghana, that will be a game!

Regarding the theatrics between the Dutch and Portugal, The game needs to be heading for sportsmanship instead of rule beating.
That kind of play will not carry a crowd in any nation.

No fans, no games.

Perhaps we could leave the officials off the pitch and in the camera rooms and see how the games get on.

Now here in my small village, we have adult pickup three evenings a week.

Last night in a drizzle, we all made good on our own cup dreams.

Play is good Fun is good!

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Ukraine gets the gold medal for diving...they sure know how to play the ref. At least this ref is decent!
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if that last penalty in the Aus/Ita match was for real, olympic figure skating can now be held up high as a beacon for fairness and honesty....does vince mcmahon own fifa?
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Perhaps the ref was balancing it out for the red card earlier on, when the Aussie bumped into one player then another before performing a triple salco with a pike and tuck before diving about 10 yards along the ground, so he ended up near the penalty spot.
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Swiss versus Ukrainians

I wish both teams could lose on penalties.

Let them all suffer like the viewers.
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Ukraine vs Switzerland

Boy that was painful! I got a headache watching that one.
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Italy's defensive way

As expected, just enough to go to the quarterfinal, Italy get its way. They'll be just cruising to the Semifinal. They should turn up the volume with Ukraine.

Holland played physical football/soccer as always. But wow, it was an explosive match.

Tomorrow we might have better matches. Brazil doesn't play exotic football/soccer compare to the last two world cups but then they're still Brazil. Energetic Spain and experienced France should the one to watch.
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Gana came to play; Brazil decides to respect the new kids.
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Originally Posted by Ryel
Gana came to play; Brazil decides to respect the new kids.
It is Ghana with an 'h'.
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Wow..barely make it to the round 16, France is in with Brazil, a rematch of 1998. France experiences show. They cut off passing lanes and control the tempo of the match well. France play better today against Spain. Henry acts well also for the penalty.
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Deutchland uber alles.

I miss the days of Franz Beckenbauer.
Or is it just beginning?
He runs the team:

Go Germany. United for all Germans
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Spain choked again

It's too bad that Spain was playing so well previous round then choked ... again. I don't see the intensity, fighting spirit from Spain as the Dutch fighting for goal against Portugal. Then again, may be France controlled the tempo of the match so well.
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I think Brazil all the way.They have the weapons to get this cup all the way.
England I think is also a contender though.
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Brazil didn't really do much against Ghana, except where it mattered -- whatever chances came their way, they finished them off pretty well. Except Adriano looked a bit offside on that second goal. A pretty efficient, if unspectacular performance.

Spain controlled the midfield well, but just couldn't get going in the final third. France, like Brazil, finished whatever chances came their way. And after quite a while, Zidane finally had a good game.
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Originally Posted by faisasy
And after quite a while, Zidane finally had a good game.
Zizu was trying to remember whether it was pension day or not...
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Argentina and Germany

It's finally here, Germany and Argentina, the final match before the final match.
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Originally Posted by turnmeloose
It's finally here, Germany and Argentina, the final match before the final match.

Um, I think you're missing out on something - these are the quarter finals.
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Keep forgeting Italy for some reason .
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Wow, both Argentina and Spain out.

Don't know if Riquelme was injured or something, but taking him out seemed a big blunder. Especially with no Messi in the game -- they just did not have their creative engine.

Credit to Germany though. They did not control the game for long stretches, but hung in there and fought back for the equalizer. Impressive for a young team. Lehmann was superb in the penalties -- he guessed right for most of them -- I don't think other teams will want to go to PK's against him. Germany are definitely looking very strong.

If Italy get past Ukraine later today, we'll see how the young Germans do against the canny Italians.
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Argentina show their true colours when the going gets tough.

Timewasters and ungracious in defeat (to put it mildly)

Germans are clinical in penalty shoot -outs.
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The German side was off a beat for most of the game. So many mis-queues and ineffective first touches. Crispness was lacking. Still they pass through. Good for them.

Oh! By the way, FIFA "Laws of the Game" will tell us that it is a penal Foul to trip, or attempt to trip the opponent. Only the event needs to take place. No motive, or result is to be considered.

Know the laws!

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