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2006 World Cup: Who? - Page 7

Poll Results: Who will win 2006 World Cup?

  • 24% (11)
  • 8% (4)
  • 13% (6)
  • 6% (3)
  • 11% (5)
  • 2% (1)
  • 11% (5)
  • 4% (2)
  • 4% (2)
  • 4% (2)
    Czech Rep.
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
  • 0% (0)
    Serbia and Mont.
  • 2% (1)
    Cote D'Ivoire
  • 4% (2)
  • 2% (1)
  • 0% (0)
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Offensive show

It's a nice offensive show by both Germany and Portugal.
Portugal has a nice offense but defensively can't handle the German pressure.

The championship game is tomorrow. France and Italy both have great defense. I think who can control the midfield will control the game.
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Originally Posted by turnmeloose
It's a nice offensive show by both Germany and Portugal.
Portugal has a nice offense but defensively can't handle the German pressure.
'Offence', or 'Offense' if you prefer, is American football terminology.

I can just visualise the bloke on the telly mispronouncing it - with the stress on the first syllable.

The word that you should be using is 'Attack'.
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Referee's the early story. Sad
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Portugal's marvelous athleticism was no match for Germany's defensive structure.
Portugal was stymied at every attack as their wings were not able to slip by or get free to cause enough damage.

The own goal must have been hearbreaking for them as otherwise it would have been a contented match till the end
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Bravo Italia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bravo Italia indeed!!! Italy owned the 1st half and France the 2nd. Zidane's foul was really unexpected and it makes you wonder why?

Watching the U.S. coverage was brutal as we had 2 people that apparently did not watch the game(one played at the World Cup level) that I watched.

They have to find a way to get rid of the PK final. What round to implement it I don't know, but it has to go for the final.
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Azzuri win....

Police should have a heap of roads closed in melbourne already.... the party will go all day and into the night....
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[quote=jgiddyup]Bravo Italia indeed!!! ...Watching the U.S. coverage was brutal as we had 2 people that apparently did not watch the game(one played at the World Cup level) that I watched.

I agree about the coverage, incredibly poor. I started watching Telemundo just to avoid the crap I was listening to on ABC/ESPN.

Italy dominated every game but the final. The French midfield was brilliant. Exciting match to watch.


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Just leaves a bad feeling all round. Italy were not a really great team.

I wonder what was said to Zidane ?

At club level, it all comes to a head tomorrow. All the cheating, bribery and corruption. Four of the big Italian clubs could be relegated to the lower divisions now that their behaviour has been found out.
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Despite the PKs, it was an absorbing match. Italy in the ascendancy in the 1st half, France in the 2nd. Cannavaro for me has been the player of the tournament with Gattuso a close second. The two of them are just superb!

I must say, the "big" players did not deliver for France though. Vieira and Henry both injured/tired/substituted, and a moment of madness from Zidane -- what was he thinking? For all his goalscoring prowess in the Premiership, Henry has yet to stamp his authority on a major tournament or final.

Overall I think this WC failed to live up to the great opening. While there was some very poor refereeing, the first round did offer up some great games. Things kind of fizzled out from the second round on. Teams that were playing attractive football went out (e.g. Argentina, Ghana, Spain). And the one team that you always expect to enliven a World Cup, Brazil, failed miserably. Germany were the unlikely entertainers. The knockout stages gave us some matches that were not high scoring, but were still very absorbing.
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Buffon made the save of the tournament on Zidane in OT - incredible! Excellent match.
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Originally Posted by PA Ridge Racer
Buffon made the save of the tournament on Zidane in OT - incredible! Excellent match.
Yeah too right. That save made so much difference to Zidane's legacy and what could of been for him and France.
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The final really had nothing brilliant, did it. A few chances, The shots were few and poor mostly. Off the head was fun though.

The Blue boys surely tied up the line though, and I wonder why France didn't change tactics. There were going to be no small balls going past that bunch.

Lets see, with the Flag of Gren Red and white, and the Blue kit, that leaves the otherside with out much of a selection ;-)

If the truth comes out of what could have aroused Zidane to make such a retaliation, I would like to hear it.

Intersting that neither keeper came close to a stop on the kicks from the mark. The German (Leyman?) got five for five in direction, and made two stops. Way more fun to watch.

To bad the result is determined from such a ritual.

Oh well, We had over 35 players out for pickup play last night. Kids to over 50's like myself.
Internationals Too! The play was great, It is my wish that such fun play could be enjoyed by more people more often!

4 more years, then who?

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Oh! And fortunately, our home is deep in the forest trees with no good look at the popular satelite. The game came compliments of UNIVISION Si Habla Espanol.

I turn the sound low and just flow with the intensity of the speech. Heck, If you are in the stands, there is no commentaryat all! Couldn't we get the sound on two tracks? The crowd and then those other guys. Pick one. I go for the roar and song of the crowd anyday. The American commentors are so full of statistics and BS that I can't stand them!

There was someone anouncing an MLS game, Houston VS Chivas, the other evening. He was quite good.

Just an off topic post script.

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Zidane's headbutt was hilarious. Seriously I predict the rise of a new verb: Zidaning somebody. "BOB JUST ZIDANED CHRIS!"
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Caaampioniiiii Deeeeelll MOOONDOOOOOOOOO
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Ahhhhhh you've partied long enough to surface and gloat have you?

It should have been us that was not a penalty!
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Hello Disski! How are you? Are you still on the Emerald island?
We've had a collective, cathartic "oooorrraahhh" here in Italy, what with all the insults that the German and French press have hurled at us, as a nation, not as a team, during the whole WC.
If we'd have had to react the way Mr Zidane did, then every single Italian on earth should have hit any German and French we could reach.
My point is: No matter what is being said to you, once you resort to violence, you're wrong, inexcusably and totally.
When Totti spewed onto the Danish palyer, he was punished by the FIFA, no excuses accepted about how much he'd been provoked. On the contrary, Zidane has been named best player and Materazzi inquired by the FIFA...Wah! This is a Political matter, plain and simple.
We demonstrated we are better than any German or French the best way we could, on the field with facts. We won.
And yes, I gloat (even thought I do not normally follow soccer nor play ity)
Despite the scandal, to win a WC is proof enough that our teams, and thus our players, are technically sound and at a minimum on par with all others.
The French and German have a strongpoint though. They are, feel, and behave as Nations, always, not only during a WC. They back their own despite all.
We do not. We're divided and feel a Nation only during a "stupid" WC. For this reason we'll always be conquered and never treated as equals. It all boils down to an old sentence
"Italy: an economic giant, a military dwarf, a political nil".
This is why our players are punished and the French ones honoured.
This said...
They cannot take away the Cup, because there is no way of doing that w/o a scandal, if there would be a way, they would...
Still it's been fairly won and we are
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no no no... the aussies swear it is theirs due to the "non-penalty" penalty at the end of the Oz-Italy match...

I think the police would have had to close a few roads in melbourne same as last time Italy won..... too much celebration for roads to be used for cars!
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To tell you the truth...
I would have liked to see Australia or England or the USA to win the WC.
After all, it looks like an "internal affair" between few countries (Brazil 5, Argentine 2, Italy 4, Germany 3, Uruguay 2) with the occasional outsider (France 1, England 1) since the WC began (1930)...
And when a sport is like that, it becomes boring to me...
It has not come to be and...well, I'm jsut as happy that Italy won.
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Actually I'm happy Italy won too...

Australia needs more time to sort out football in the country (we had problems and a revamp) and what to do with our team... We did well to get so far, as qualification through south american playoff is tough...

Next time we are Asians! (woohoo!)

We just like to tell the Italians off along the way
As I said - we would have closed streets to allow the party to proceed after the Italian win... Only greece winning would have caused more disruption i think... (we are the largest greek speaking city after Athens)
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