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MA please

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3rd season
Shortie slaloms

I've gotten rid of the shuffle...this was early last(this) season, modulating pressure and shoulders square with fall line (upper/lower separation) was all improved on...too bad I don't have video from the latter part of the season:

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Well, if nobody else is going to say anything, I guess I'll put in my 2 cents.

I think you need to work on moving your CM a little more . . . It seems as though your legs are moving below you, but there's no movement of your CM to really try to get that ski on edge, and get the edge engaged and working for you. Of course, I'm a little drunk, so you can take that comment with a grain of salt.
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Not bad for 3rd season .

Some hints about video filming....
- allways try to pass in front of the cameraman
- cameraman should put some zoom on and then gradually zoom out as skier approaches
- film as little as possible from behind
- try not to get any ridges between cameraman and skier
- avoid having dark dressed skier against dark background
- dont take my advise too seriously

Some hints about your skiing....
As I said earlier, not bad for a 3rd season. We allways have to keep in mind that someone that has only skied for such a short time and has become this good can easily do it all wrong. You dont. I like lots of things in your skiing like fluidity, rhythm, controll and as you said your selfe, upper/lower body separation and leveled shoulders. However, your skiing lacks bite. You say you are on short SL skis! You know what, it doesent show!!! You need to get some angulation and a lot more pressure on our skis (tipps in particular) earlier on in the turn. It looks like you are passively posissioning yourselfe in a static position and then wait until your next turn. I thaught I would never say this but it looks like you are too much countered and you are pushing your inside ski too much forwards. Some call it scissors stance.

BTW, Im a bit drunk too.....
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I am not great at MA--my stab. Very good for 3rd season.

That said, there is something going on before your right turns--I cant see your left turns as well. Looks to me as if your left foot is dragging behind or and then you push it forward before you turn. Fast movement. Again I an new to this.
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Before I offer any suggestions I am interested in hearing about how you got rid of the shuffle….
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I was driving my inside foot too foward and hence ended up with skis on a non parallel radius i.e. almost like one ski turning into the other.

I Worked on a few things

medicine ball skiing: no poles, hold ball in front of you, medium to large radius high speed(ish) turns, made my CM go exactly where it had to

I combined this with pulling up on the inside foot, although it didn't physically pick the ski up off the snow, it allowed for my inside ankle to flex more and not lead the other ski (and although not completely gone, has reduced the shuffle motion to a very large extent).

I played with javelin/ whitetail type turns on shallow terrain throughout the rest of the season, that again was great for balance fine tuning. I also helped to get the feel of upper/ lower body separation...

When the snow got all nice and firm later on, experimenting with ankle flexing earlier in the turn got the skiis to hook up nicely from the tips + higher angles...it just felt a whole lot different and for the first time, I could change the radius by modulating flexing (pressure) as opposed to just thowing myself from side-to side.

TDK, the video was from a point and shoot digital still camera hence the quality and was not really planned as a MA shot, the cameraman who was skiing with me just wanted a novelty shot but point well taken regarding camera tips.

Somtimes, emulating bad skiing (read my previous post regarding the shuffle in junior racer types) isn't the best thing, I was tying to do what they were doing only, I looked a lot worse....

Next season should be a hoot!
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From my perspective the speed and pressure control looks good. I would work on starting your turning with more turning effort coming from the lower body. It looks to me like you are just dropping your hip to the inside and riding the sidecut of the ski. Starting your turn by actually turning your legs will help you establish an earlier platform and therefore help you get better performance out of your skis sooner as well as creating better balance in the top of the arc.
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The shuffle was the first thing that hit me. Lots of Jr racers that aren't very skilled do it. It leaves you in the backseat to start your new turn. Glad to hear you got rid of it. 99% of Jr racers aren't good models.
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Nice skiing for the length of time you have been skiing. There is a bit of up and down in the turns (up in the transition and flexing through the turn). Work on getting longer, but not taller as you engage your new ski. Your shuffle is causing your weight to bet back a little (evident in the part after you pass the camera). Your hip (outside ski) also drops back a little which causes you to loose some of your edge engagement.
Work on keeping the hip moving with your skis through the turn, getting longer, but not taller, and utilizing your inside ski similar to the outside one, but keeping it light on the snow.

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yeha video is low quality hard to tell alot off stuff. Major thing I saw wrong are kinda of all related.

No pole touches, no movement in to the turn, and just looked very static. also kinda of just using the sidecutnot really driving the ski yet just riding.

Any movement into the turn you are doing is all lateral and its is still very little being done. the movement should not only be accross the skis but also forward. this will help you get more tip pressure on your skis(tdk6 pionted out that there isnt enough pressure there).

A good way to get that movement into your turns is that missing pole touch. Its a good way to think about "reaching" down the hill.

I am sure there is alot i am missing IMO I am much better at this on the hill...
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