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Mammoth Memorial Day

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The wife and I decided to go crazy and skip the last weekend at Squaw and head down to Mammoth for the 3 day weekend.

Day 1 was FREEZING!! It was 24 at the base when we got there and only 12 at the top...this is on May 27th!! It was so cold our camera didn't work on Saturday (or we forgot to put fresh batteries in) ...the snow was pretty much bullet proof and there was quite the scene in cornice with HUNDREDS of poor folks sliding on their sides - too many near-collisions to count!!

....Sunday brought SLIGHTLY warmer temps....coverage ain't bad for the end of May...

....here's my beautiful ripping wife on the chair ride up...

...nice views here at Mammy (as evidenced by the brooding James Dean look)...

Now for some fun...

....my buddy Jim enjoying some high speed corn fun....

....the missus in a VERY up close ripping pose...

....this guy needs some serious MA....

...then it was off to find my buddy's camp grounds down by the hot springs....let's see if I can follow his directions...go down 395 about 10 miles....pretty....

....left at the green church...ok...

....go 3.8 mi make a left on an indescriminate dirt road that looks like the other 100 dirt roads....repeat this scene about 8 times....um, you didn't mention there would be about 2,000 head of cattle around (and in) the road ...

....never did find the campgrounds...I did manage to bottom out the Passat about a half dozen times and put streaking sage brush scratches down the sides though ...
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....Monday was by far the best....temps in the high 40's down low, mid 30's up high and almost no wind....sweet fast corn on SE facing slopes in the morning, then the other aspects softened up around noon....

....Huevos was sooooo goooood....

...oh, and did I mention it snowed both Saturday and Sunday evenings!! Needless to say it was one hell of a weekend....we had so much fun we're going back in 2 weeks!!
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So nice to see someone else putting the Memorial weekend to good use. Looks like you guys had a great time. After nearly a month of very warm temperatures, the shot of cold air really stiffened things up. I imagine the cornices and chutes were a real show. For spring skiing, I usually show up with wide skis, and when I find the ice, wonder why I didn't bring the 6 Stars.

Lift served season is done for me, but lots of hiking still available. Lets get together next season XEC
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Excellent TR

Good pictures and nice commentary on the side trip. Its very hard to find people in the high desert around that area. The only way I every find anyone out there is to wait till dark and go to the bon fire.

And you skied again today!
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Great TR X-EastCoaster. Bomber lines, looks like a good time. Nice pics too. :
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%^&*(()*^%#@%&** Don't do this to me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks gents....and MTT nice running into you that day at Rose...Cirque - next season for sure...I'll prolly be getting the K-wood & Rose passes again....

GPaul - if you got pissed about Memorial Day Weekend....this should make you feel better !!
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Hey X, where are you now that you are X-East. I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but it sounds like we might have a shot at skiing together. And don't necessarily pack it in yet. There is a pretty big get together at Mammoth comming up July 4.
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cirque, I'm in Reno...

....I haven't packed in anything yet (except for this weekend since I'm back home in connecticut....bored stiff)....we're going to try our best and make the maggot get together on the 4th.....hope to see you there!!!
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I am fairly certain I will be at Mammoth on Tuesday the 4th of July,
I belive I have access to one of those discount copons Up to 5 people for 37$ I think i have access?
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