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Pocket Rocket: I don't get it

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I love my fatties, but I ski em 'longer than my "everyday" skis. I don't ski pipes and parks, but I understand why those who do like the shorter lighter twin tips like the 1080.

Hanging out at the ski store yesterday (pathetic!) I saw a pair of 185 Pocket Rockets--the longest they make, I believe. They were short, fat and heavy. Can't beleive anyone would prefer such a heavy ski in the park. And as for powder days, why ride shorties?

I don't get it; but I'll admit, its hot, humid, I haven't been near snow in 4 months, and I'm not thinking clearly. Peter Keelty loved these skis, but never bothered to make the case for a shorty powder ski. Someone want to take a stab at it?

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I don't think the park is the intended use of the Pocket Rocket. I've seen it described as a backcountry-twin-tip.

I'll admit I don't get it either, but, I haven't skied it, and I'm not pushing new-school limits.

I have seen some guys launch over 50 to 80 foot tables and stick rodeo 540s, launching right off the next table at full speed, switch. I can see a larger TT ski applying to that situation. <FONT size="1">

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Rather bold, don't you think, naming those skis Pocket Rockets! I think it's a gas. Wonder if someone will get offended and try to sue!

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The Pocket Rocket is designed for "new school" back country, kinda like the stuff McConkey does, chads gap etc. back country hucking.
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I've heard talk of 50-footer switch landings in pow.

I have noticed park moves moving into the Big Park for several years.
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these skis might work for Hollywood bowl eh? nice gap back there.
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Yeah. Have you seen the Wu-Tang Kicker and the clan at work out there? Those folks go off. Mostly on boards, but more skiers are getting in on it.
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I've seen a few folks out there, some taping going on last season a few times, it's a great setup, and gets easier to huck once you get over the fear factor a bit.
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Skied the pocket rockets last season, and they were crap. They have a way too soft tail, they get thrown around by any type of crud. ok in soft powder, but no edge grip on groomed (ok not there market). super mountains crap all over them. damn cheap though. I dont get it either - and the rumour is they're replacing both ak rockets and supermountains. dont see it happening personally.

munich trade show in two weeks.
ill keep you posted.

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The Pocket Rocket makes perfect sense where I ski. Its light and made to be skied short which is great in the steep chutes in this area. I ordered a pair for my 20 year old son who likes to ski everywhere and jump off everything.
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doh! shirt....<FONT size="1">

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Rio--do they really work as a powder ski, or are they just for people who jump off rocks? And how do people who jump off rocks feel about all that extra weight?
I wouldn't be shocked if the PR replaced the AK Rocket, only b/c the AKR didn't appear to sell much vs. the XXX and others. But the Supermountains are all over the place. I'll be surprised if they pull that board for a shorty.
I guess the title of my post should have been, I don't get ski marketing. Salomon clearly does.
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JW -

I doubt they work as good as true powder skis like the AK Rocket. I have Supermountains which are great for most conditions around here but don't provide enough float for really deep light powder. My son is going to use the Pocket Rockets and he was able to scream through knee deep powder at Big Sky this year on a pair of Line Skogen Pros. With the extra float the Pocket Rockets will provide he should do great in light powder.
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Hope he enjoys them, Rio. If he gives you a turn or two on them , please post impressions.
What are the gurus and swamis predicting for snow in MT this year?
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JW -

Really haven't been paying much attention to winter weather forecasts. Its summer here and every free moment I have I am getting outdoors & doing something. I did peruse through the Farmer's Almanac at a store last night and they are predicting heavier than normal snow fall early in the season this year. I hope they're right but considering the questionable science they use for their predictions I'm not counting on it.
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