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Other FIS Developments

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A couple of interesting developments for those of you who follow the sport closely - some or all may trickle down to the local level:

May 25th, 2006 - The 45th International Ski Congress is currently underway in Vilamoura (POR). The following items related to Alpine Skiing have been approved by the FIS Council at its meeting today:

Definition of the technical data of slalom courses will be based on the number of direction changes, rather than on the number of gates. The required number of direction changes in the Olympic Winter Games, FIS World Ski Championships, World Cup, FIS and Continental Cup slalom competitions is 30%-35% of the vertical drop, +/- 3 direction changes (Article 801.2.4.1).

Increase of the maximum vertical drop for the Ladies’ slalom courses in the Olympic Winter Games, FIS World Ski Championships and FIS World Cup from 200m to 220m, which is equal to that of the men (Article 801.1.2).

Decrease of the minimum vertical drop for the men’s super-G events from 500m to 400m (Article 1001.1.1)

Making crash helmets compulsory in all FIS Alpine Skiing events.
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Bad news for "The Highlander":
"They may make us wear helmets, but they'll never take our freedom!"
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Originally Posted by Martin Bell
Bad news for "The Highlander:"

"They may make us wear helmets, but they'll never take our freedom!"
I was thinking it might be an "anti-tiara" move.

(Or, if you saw the little blurb in Ski Racing, an anti-conehead-hairdo move).
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The helmet thing makes sense, given how speeds in SL have picked up over the years. But I can also see the FIS trying to crack down on "eccentric" headgear.

I kinda like the reduced vertical requirements for SG, as it opens up the event to a lot of new venues that might've been just outside the regulation verts - good compromise, so long as the courses are challenging. However, I can also see this being twisted to favor the technical skiers more than the speed folk, so I guess we'll see how it pans out.
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wouldnt a lower min vertical drop favor traditional speed event skiers since the courses would run flatter, and favor those who can just let the skis run?
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Do that many skiers get head injuries in slalom courses?
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Not only speed but the solid courses! When I was a kid in the days of bamboo, we tamped the course by side stepping before setting the gates. There were no salted, watered and set courses that are closer to ice .... seems a head injury is much more likley now that 40 years ago.
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