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Notes From the Field

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Hang on folks I am just dinking around with photos.

This will make sense sooooon


[ July 25, 2002, 09:17 PM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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...hangin' on, Oz. Let's see 'em!

I hope you're having a great "summer"!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Seems whilst I was skiing the DELETE button dissapeared

Okay this is what my $100 webcam spat out. You must realise by now that Oz does not stop for photo shoots very often. But here is a short essay of the past few days.

Woke up to this

Did a little of this

And had a few beers in a postcard to finish

The snow was excellent, the company smiling and the hospitality superb. If any of you are jonesing in the heat, jump on the silver bird and come on downunder for the best little ski season for quite a while. We are now heading into the mid season snow weeks and the white will only get better. Lots of fresh tracks for all.

Oz :
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Ya Bob the summer is going great. The snow is excellent, surf pretty consistent, kids doing great at school, health good, cash flow is adequate and life is pretty mellow.

I have some new software to bone up on before heading back into the Civil Design arena for a 4 months and then all too soon it will be December and USA here I come.

I had a few beers with the token Lionshead local working down under and he tells me that he is only working private lessons, Tooheys Old beer is excellent, the snow is "just like Colorado", clients are "just too easy going" and the local wimmen are totally wild; so by all reports the SS exchange program seems to be going well.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oz - I am off to THredbo for August on the 3rd - any chance you will be past the area & we can catch up for a drink or 2???

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I'm very disappointed. You don't look like Steve Irwin, Paul Hogan, Russel Crowe, or any of the guys in AC/DC.
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More like Robin Williams sans the hairy bits.


I will be back in the mountains around the end of August. I will let you know when by PM. It would be great to hook up for turns and beers.

Things I noticed on the hill.

Many skiers on short skis making nice edged turns.
Lots of people about and the cash registers running hot.
At Thredbo they ski better but at Perisher they appear happier. (Except for the surly lifties)
150 first time ski instructors at Thredbo SS ... ouch some things never change.
Ski Instructor pay rates still stuck at 1987 levels.
More people skiing off piste in the craggy bits, which indicates better skiing going down.
More people stopping for a nice lunch and some socializing instead of killing themselves all day long.
Ski kids everywhere and some were really ripping.
Lots of junior race teams doing their stuff. (Good for Ski Aust)
The park was busy with lots of airs and inverts happening. The boarders where all smiling and digging it.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

[ July 26, 2002, 05:49 PM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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Kibbles an bits an bits an bits, but no hairy bits, eh? good, good....

Nice pics. It looks like nirvana.
The Ozman Cometh and leaveth us jonesin for the white bits.
(keep it clean )
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very nice...
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I just wanna know if oz got a new ski suit yet.
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Hey oz did you get to Guthega? It was awesome this year

I reckon smigs this year was better than perisher last year

Make some more turns for me! I'm stuck up here on the north coast :

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Originally posted by Tim_miT:
Hey oz did you get to Guthega? It was awesome this year
If I'm not mistaken that last photo is taken outside the Guthega Pub. That's our regular stop on Saturday afternoon about 4 pm for several beers before skiing back down to the ldge just down the road.

Sat there last Saturday after a bluebird day and watched the sun go down behind the main range, with a Corona in hand and that pleasant leg weariness that comes after a great day.

Hey Oz, pity you weren't there on the weekend, we could have made some turns. Maybe later.
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The hand you do not see is holding a Corona and the view is unmistakable. The APSI thingy took me to threddas for the weekend BUT next time I am down it will be PB for Sat, Sun.


Look closely ... yep my new Phenix jacket is now broken in ..... I miss those Descente shoulder pads ... cheeky bugger!!!

chillin people, turns for all.

Oz :
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Hey Oz,

What can a L III instructor make in Australia?

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Not a lot!
Less than $30 Oz per hour. & remember - some Aussies will tip - but not all. Don't count on US style tipping - doesn't happen here.
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Originally posted by WVSkier:
What can a L III instructor make in Australia?
Um lots of new friends and a nice spring suntan ... okay I jest.

The basic outline would be between $22 & $27 Oz per hour x 6 hours x a min. of 5 days a week for 3 months. Rent would be about $120 per week for staff share room accommodation. You should also be able to get about $500 Oz payment towards airfare on completion of the season if you get your current SS to arrange with the Oz SS for your employment. Tips are pretty well non existant.

If it rains lots then less hours and if it snows lots then more hours. There are six weeks of school holidays in a winter and you can show up for work everyday if you want. The ski industry is pretty healthy and "relaxed and smiling" visiting instructors are looked after well. You will get pretty tired working an Oz winter as the day is mostly 3 x 2 hour private or group lessons back to back and you will not want to avoid the after work social scene.

Okay a good snow year is excellent and a bad snow year is pretty "wet" and bony. We have more average than good seasons BUT the crew is fun, the client’s easy going, the training world class, and the beer excellent.

I always tell prospective Oz winter season victims to just come on down, enjoy the hospitality, see a bit of the country and make some new friends with skiing as the catalyst.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Robin after body wax ... kibbles .... and Mrs Doubtfire after Jenny Craig ... fire!!!

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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How did you manage to wake up to a view of Blue Cow mountain??? Did you scam one of the few beds in the terminal, or did you not want to take a shot of Jindabyne?!

Here at Charlotte, our staff quarters are smack bang in the middle of the main run. we ski down to it, and in the morning ski down to the t bar to get up the hill. We have to close the curtains when dressing or the punters skiing past our windows will cop an eyefull.

I ski PB on Sundays (not past Sunday as were having their annual booze and ski here and getting me into trouble) so let me know when you're planning your next foray so we can meet up. (I can always find Gerathlete and at the Cowpaccino at 1.30pm!).

God this phone line is slow.
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sshhhh ant not so loud ... one of those surly PB "officials" might hear you.

My bed was at BC terminal. I know many long timers in the business and always bring beer sleep well on any couch.

Ya got any new snow yet?

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

[ August 01, 2002, 05:13 PM: Message edited by: man from oz ]
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Heh, I'm pretty sure they don't read this forum. Hope they don't, anyway.
there's a few interesting things that go on that no one wants PB mg't to know about. Like how I scam my way onto Mt Perisher half an hour before it is meant to open. I am STILL chortling aobut getting 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc tracks on Eyre and disrupting the marketing department's photo shoot.

Well done, anyway.

And yep, after a week of spring weather, we have got serious dumpage happening here, sans the usual wind, which is nice.
Gave my level 6's a powder lesson yesterday, to finish their ski week. Which was nice. then the 5's demanded we seek out some untracked in a fairly gnarly area, and that was a great success. Odd, technically less proficient, but much more gung ho than the 6 class.
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They may be on to you. I was ticket checked at Olympic when I was skiing. I said "what do you think, I walked up here". The lifty said "well, MAAAATE, there are many ways onto the mountain".

mmmm ... new snow .... I wonder if anyone will notice me missing around here for a few days. I just got my house sale cheque .... mmmm maybe the boys need ANOTHER holiday .... what will I tell the school this time .... mmmmm ... plot .... scheme.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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