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Ski wear for toddlers

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Ever since my 2.5 yr old saw the Olympics, she wants to go "Snow Skiing." So we are thinking of taking her in Jan/Feb. She will be 3.5 years and is already potty trained.

I got some great advice about pants/jackets etc here for myself, so I'm hoping you all can give me some advice about what to buy her. I want her to be warm and dry, so spending $$ isn't an issue...for the most part. Don't want daddy to flip out, as is he is crying that taking the kids is jacking up the price Anyways, she is like me and if she is cold, I'm sure she will be miserable.

In any case...I was trying to do a search for toddler jackets/pants. I didn't have a ton of luck in terms of toddlers gear. I saw some bibs, but for a toddler I thought that might be difficult in terms of going to the bathroom. Maybe I'm wrong. Any advice on where to start and what to start looking for would be helpful. I did read a blurb about helmits, so that I guess is another thing to look into.

Being here in Florida, going to a second hand store really isn't an option.



PS We were thinking of going back to Deer Valley. When we were there in January, it looked like they had a good kids ski school, which is what we planned on putting her in...if this helps at all for advice.
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One piece snowsuit will keep her cozy and dry . A warm kid is a happy kid.

I have seen many for sale online looking for other ski equipment

Do a google search .They don't sell off the kids stuff as quickly as adult clothing so you will find some bargains
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I've bought ski wear for my son (turned 2 at the end of February) online at Oldnavy.com and on Ebay. I think Oldnavy is through with winter stuff(including inventory clearance bargains) for this year. I have no doubt you can find stuff on Ebay, though. As one example, I bought a pair of ski pants in late January 2004 for my son's first winter at Oldnavy.com for $9.99. Since then, I've bought other winter stuff from both Oldnavy.com (almost always from the Bargains section) and on Ebay. In both cases, it's not hard to find things for which the price is right. I also recently picked up some ski goggles online for my son for next year at One Step Ahead ($9.95). I've also seen that other online stores (e.g., Sierra Trading Post, REI, etc.) also sell kids winter stuff (e.g., mittens and gloves, snow pants, jackets, etc.).
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We have a 3 year old just started lessons this winter in the NE. One piece or high bibs, for sure; we've had good luck at Oshkosh Outlet Stores. For a happy experience, though, worry about good hats, mittens and snowboots more than perfect snowsuits. Look for fleece hats with velcro closures under the chin and mittens that won't work off, get ice on the wrists.
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If you're buying new, and can't find many ski shops with off-season sales in Florida, try L.L. Bean- great quality at a decent price. Get a one-piece that zips all around the inside of the legs for changing nappies (if needed).
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Thanks for the advice. I went to the local Peter Glenn during lunch and to my amazement they had some toddler suits they were clearancing. I looked at some brand called Jupa and then Obermeyer. Really reasonably priced...$60 or so. I think I will take my daughter back and have her try some on. Plus they had boots etc on clearance $20-$30. I may wait on gloves and goggles. Figure get the really pricey stuff on clearance now.

I have purchased stuff from Old Navy before...but they sell that stuff quickly, so I have to be on the ball. I will check Ebay again too, but when I tried a few weeks ago, i didn't see anything.

Now I need advice on helmits as the rental helmits kinda bugs me.


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Seem to be contrasting schools of thought about helmets on 2-3 year olds. Yes: Good habit formation, protection against tot/tot collisions, edges etc. No: Necks are so weak that the small added mass can actually accelerate the noggin significantly during a fall. Given that our slope's about 2 degrees, the instructors walk down alongside the kids and the magic carpet goes maybe .5 mph, we decided to wait a year. But friends swear by Giros for light weight and fit to kids' typically high round heads. Main deal is to find a lid that the kids think is cool looking, so want to wear. Forget basic black...
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They make really cool helmet covers- we got leopard- with ears and tail. Can spot the kid a mile away. I'm thinking of getting one for me....
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Thanks everyone for the recommendations. We found an inexpensive one piece on clearance at Peter Glenn. She tried it on and loved it. Was already wanting to make snow angels...too bad it's 94degrees here
I think I may go back and get a jacket for her too...just to have to walk around. Especially with the good prices.

My next thing is the helmet. I will take her with me to look for helmets though. I hope they aren't too heavy on her. I will let her look for the goofy covers.
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