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Awareness Through Movement

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Does anyone here practice Feldenkrais? Many years ago there was a book by Jack Heggie called Skiing with the Whole Body, that described a Feldenkrais approach to skiing. It's a great book, but a bit dated.

I am totally psyched! When we open the new studio on Main Street in Frisco, we will have Diane Teal teaching a three session Awareness Through Movement class. Diane teaches the skiing portion of the Integrated Skiing workshop at Vail. Does anyone know her?
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I don't know her LM - but it's good to see you back.
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Yes, welcome back! I don't know how you have time with your hectic schedule!

Best of luck with your new location. It may be just what you need to skyrocket you into orbit!
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A former colleague of my husband's taught Feldekrais here. She swore by a set of Feldenkrais audio tapes especially for skiing that she let me borrow once. I found them useful. She was from somewhere near you, I think. Wonder if it's the same person. Sorry I can't remember her name, but it it's not her, i suspect the community there would know of them and they might give you some ideas. Believe they were produced probably more than ten years ago.
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