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parallel GS in skiing?

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Anybody watch the Snowboard parallel giant slalom? I wish they ran the skiing SL, GS, and Super G were run dual style side by side the way the used to on the world cup. It works out better that way too (I think) because a good skier stil has a chance if they make a less than perfect run and less skilled skiers ( almost said bad but on the olympic level there aren't any "bad" skiers) don't take the gld for a lucky run. keeps everything in check an incerases the drama.
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i didn't care for the snowboard parallel GS. i totally dug the snowboard GS thing (i am not a snowboarder), but the parallel...

it's different and adds variety, and will get more people interested i think... but i think it adds confounding variables into the competition of awarding the fastest boarders (or skiers). i mean, they can make those side by side course very similar, but there will always be differences and one course may be better than the other. without doing a combined time and switching courses, i don't like that style of racing.

btw, did you notice almost every race, one of the boarders didn't finish? that sucks, cause then the other racer doesn't have to give it all for the whole race. so it isn't a true measure to me. considering the amount of people taking falls... ya know?
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yeah i saw all their falls and most (if not all) were from banging into the gates. That is something that does suck but they can still use their times as a basis for comparison over two runs on each course, just use the parallel format to add excitement. tht would equalize the differences in the courses and make athletes competeing against a fallen racer still ski (or board) hell bent for leather for the finish.
thanx for the reply
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it would be virtually impossible to run a sg or dh side by side spec for meters from hazzards etc you would never fing enough space. I dont remember world cup side by side
i remember pro tour doing it in slalom and gs
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indeed you are correct. I mis-typed. It was the pro tour instead of world cup
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River - I believe they do switch courses in the snowboarding parallel GS and take the combined time from the two runs.
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The parallel formula is awful. I was surprised to see it in use, as I haven't been following snowboarding racing in the past couple of years. When did they introduce it?

Like has been said earlier, it is not so much a race against time, as a race against the pressure of having someone beside you. Alos, there is an inherent disadvantage in going on the slower course first and then being forced to catch up, it naturally makes them push harder on the second run and so be more likely to make mistakes.
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I agree the format is terrible - it is quite possible given a bad qualifying run (I think they run one to seed the top sixteen for the races) that potentially a medalist is knocked out in the first round due to a draw against the eventual winner.

As for when it began, all I know is this is the first use of the format in the games.
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I bet that the format was changed to try and give a more "exciting" product for the viewing public. Man against man and crashes what more could we want?

As per a recent post by TheRockSkier, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't part of that international plot by MacDonalds.
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The pro elimination format has occasionally been used in the Alpine World Cup...actually the racers liked the change of pace.
In World Pro Tour there has been a few dual speed events. I foreran a women's dual DH in Purgatory in 84. It was a short sprint and took up alot of hill space.

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