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Boudreaux's Butt Paste. Seriously. It has zinc oxide and wax so it creates a water barrier and provides sun protection. Plus you get the added benefit of watching your friend's reaction when they watch you put it on.
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Originally Posted by disski View Post
use alcohol based sunscreen for hair.....
I appreciate all your tips, but is hair cancer a big concern? Or does the sun bleaching causes dumb blonde syndrome? Haha
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actually I have seen lots of skin cancers on tops of heads ... especially older males.... if you can see bits of scalp - either through a part or through the hair - then you need to sunscreen it....

If you don't want to-be my guest... but no whinging later.... (Note we ski in warm temps - so often no hats - and some bastards are killing the ozone layer off so we have a BIG hole over us)
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Just kidding. I need to be more careful but I know you are right. I don't sunbath, and I never go outside without a shirt, shoes, gloves and a helmet (although I have lots of hair). I'm guilty of an occasional farmer's tan, but I use sunscreen sometimes on my nose, cheeks, arms and legs.
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My secrets for staying youthful and lovely looking ...
Sunscreen daily
Dermatone for outdoor activities
Reading glasses (because I'm old) and sunglasses so I don't squint
A cheap washcloth to rub away the dead skin cells when I wash
Lots of water, salmon, berries, and other skin supporting good food for health from the inside out
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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
I let my beard grow. It's only natural.
That's what I did last January after a hopless case of wind burn redness and dry flakes. I'm down to a goatee, but what can one do for the redness and flakes?

It's one thing to die of cancer, but quite another to look ugly.
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In addition to the great advice in this thread, don't forget about protection from the inside, like staying hydrated.
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Mexoryl just received FDA approval in the US. Will be sold under the name anthelios I believe. Excellent at stopping those naughty UVA rays. (UVB think UV 'burn'---SPF stops it and it causes sunburns and skin cancer. UVA think UV 'age'---causes tanning then gives you wrinkles and brown spots later). Topical antioxidants such as Coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, Prevage, also help reduce oxidative stress after sun exposure. Recent evidence suggesting that Vitamin D may have anti-solid tumor effects including against Melanoma. USRDA (200 I.U.) may not be sufficient---some are suggesting as high as 1000 I.U. may be more like it in adults. Skin that is constantly exposed to sun (like your face) loses the ability to make Vitamin D, so ingesting it is still helpful for most of us. Ant--sounds like you may have rosacea. Check www.rosacea.org. Final rant per the topics raised in this discussion thread: there are a couple of "suspect" genes, that, if present, may greatly increase one's risk for Melanoma---especially one called p13. Still in it's infancy as far as testing is concerned, too many false positives and false negatives.
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I read about Mexoryl just prior to my son graduating from McGill in Montreal 4 years ago. I 'smuggled' back a few large bottles of the sun cream and some unpasteurized, very smelly, french cheese. You should have seen the line of sweat above my lip at customs!
It worked very well, but did cause breakouts.( the sunscreen)
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