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Timberline Opens

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Great news! We are opening Fall Operations starting this Saturday, November 3rd! We will be in operation from 9am to 3pm weather permitting, on the Palmer Snowfield. Timberline.
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Wow! I just checked the website. 4"- down from 7". Bummer. I'm trying to get my money together to try out for ski school. Check has to be in by the 5th. I don't think I'll make it. Rats! Is there any way i can get an extension? Do I call Sue Richardson?
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I don't know about there ski school. I work at Mt.B. But,if you can't make the try outs then your out. You could call her and see. Are you cert. or do you need to get that too.
I can get you into a clinic Dec.1 if you would like at Mt.B. Good Luck. I'll be at Timberline Tuesday or sometime next week depending on weather if you can get up there we could go over some options for a PSIA cert.
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Bachelor is a bit far away for me to drive each week end. My wife would have a cow. Last year I tried at Hoodoo, but my boots hurt me so I couldn't feel my balance so I did a poor showing and got cut. Never skied so badly in my life! Boots are fixed now.

Yes I need to certify. I've got the books and have been studying. Neat stuff!

Ever been in this situation?
Hope this got through.
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Rats! The pic didn't make it! Took it from my wife's website.

If you go to that site, you hit 'links' then Bob's ski page. The pic you see is a guy in a cravass! It's a b/w gif.

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Cool page Bob. I was talking about just one time over here to get your cert. and some clinicing. I have a hobby ski page also at snowskiing 4 thrillseekers
Would you like to link on my page?
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yes to the link. I'll try to get Terrie (wife) to add yours. I was just now editing my profile to put that pic up. Can't get it to work. it talks about UBB codes, etc. I'm glad I can ski better than I do URL's! jyarddog@spiritone.com

Then I get this infopop stuff. I'm snowed! pardon the pun.

Check out my page on wax, etc. I'm always studying stuff to improve. I just read that it's best not to detune shaped skis. Instead, increase the base edge bevel by .5 degrees where you would usually detune. Ever come across that? I read that in the Tognar catalog.

I have some pics of myself, but they were done with a digital camera. I found out very quickly that digies don't like motion at all; therefore the fuzzy outcome!
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Here's the file name you need to put for your picture in your profile page. http://www.lacyslatherworks.com/world_of_hurt_skier.gif
Just click on the Image tab and put in the file name in the pop-up above. It's that simple. I'll put a link on my page to yours.
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Did you know you can also post pictures by typing the following in one line?

img src=

then paste your picture properties (found by right clicking on the picture) and close with: >

I can't type it in one line for an example because this program would read the code and not show it. Make sense? Here is what it would look like (I'll use "(" instead of "<")

(img src=http://ereklrjejreklje.jpg)

I only mention this in case you are trying to post a picture in another site that doesn't have the tools this one has.

Remember your picture has to be out on the web somewhere. If you have personal pics you want to post you can open a free MSN or Yahoo site or use Ofoto so that you can post to here.


<img src=http://animatedgif.net/sports/skier_e0.gif>

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Sugar- Thanx. I'll try that too! www.lacyslatherworks.com

Knowing me this ain't gonna work! :
I'll try Sugar's next.

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<img src=http://www.lacyslatherworks.com/world_of_hurt_skier.gif>

Slider is too!
Now, to return the favor, I'll teach you both, someday, how to performa a perfect yardsale! bwahahaha!

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The img src= thing doesn't seem to work in profiles unless I'm doing something wrong.

I know I'm getting obnozious here with pics but I'll try it here again.
<img src=http://www.lacyslatherworks.com/BT.jpg>
Yippie for me! It worked.
Ok... I'll quit. Sorry!

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Don't know why it wouldn't work in profiles. Could be something with the code written into that part of this site. The "img src=" thing won't work in emails either or another site I belong to. In my other site and emails I can just cut and paste the picture in there (right click on image and choose "copy" then right click were you want to put it and choose "paste").

Not to suggest you didn't do it right but.....quite often I find I transpose the letters in the code. I'm really bad about making it "scr" instead of "src."

Great pic btw. Is that you and your wife? Love the Fall setting.

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Sugar- Yes. That is Superwife, Terrie. This was taken right after our marriage in my mother's backyard. I'm the king of my castle. (And I have permission from Terrie to say so.)

She has been on skis for 45 minutes; until she twisted her ankle! She tried avoiding running into a kid in her class and fell. She tried to keep from falling which is a no-no. So, she's a little gun shy right now, but hopefully she will try again soon.

We have pictures of our attack cats, but so mnay post pictures of their pets... I shall refrain.

Try our webpage. To get to my ski page hit 'links'.
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