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Thar's Bears in the theatre

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Another invite to the Colorado Bears interested in live theatre - The Lake Dillon Theatre Company's production of Equus opened tonight, with mike_m and myself in the cast. We're running every Fri-Sun through June 18, with the exception of Saturday June 17.

If you'll be in Summit County and want to see an incredibly intense and challenging night of theatre, please come see our production. Our leads, Gary Ketzenbarger as the anguished psychiatrist Martin Dysart, and Josh Blanchard as the deeply disturbed stableboy Alan Strang who blinds six horses for what initially seems an unknowable reason, give absolutely amazing performances. Mike plays Alan's father, and I play the owner of the stable who made the mistake of hiring this "looney".

The entire ensemble is incredibly talented and I'm very honored to be part of this production, which is my first time performing at this theatre. If you've seen other shows at Lake Dillon or at the Backstage Theatre in Breck, you'll likely recognize some of the other actors as well.

The Summit Daily ran a review of the show. Ticket information and pricing can be found at the theatre's website.

Also please keep a date free for this summer's production of The Foreigner at the Backstage in Breck. I'm also in that production as the title character, and mike_m is in it as well - in fact that production reunites three of the actors from last year's hit Travels With My Aunt, along with other talented actors from Denver and Vail. A totally different show than Equus, this one is a farce about a lonely and depressed Brit who finds himself stuck in a Georgia fishing camp with a bunch of yahoos and menancing Klan-types. In order to be left alone in his misery, he pretends not to speak any English. Of course, hilarity ensues when everyone discloses their secrets, good and evil, in front of this "furriner". This show opens June 29 and runs every other weekend Thursday through Sunday until the end of August.

Hope to see you at either or both shows. If you do come, please let me know so we can chat and perhaps grab a coffee or drink after the show.

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That's cool Mark. Whish I could be there.

Break a leg!
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Let's hope your memory is superb! I'd be throwing lines from The Foreigner at the Equus production!

You and Mike were hilarious in Travels with my Aunt, and I know this play will be awesome, too. Wish I could be there, too! Too bad these plays can't be taped for 'shut ins'!!!
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