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you know what i'm talkin' about, mr. fox. i can be VERY narky indeed.
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Originally posted by Masque:
So, Idrul and Eunuch Mutt - you want to move the thread to ‘Limey’ baiting?
Let me paraphrase your glorious leader, GW Buttmunch “Bring it on”
You see, you’ve one primary problem; leadership (in all its forms) requires the individual exercising it to raise his personal standards to meet the role of leader. NOT the other way around!
If you want to have any credibility when throwing insults around your playpen you need to raise yourself out of that McUpchuck induced diabetic coma that’s your normal state. Wire your cojones to the grid - oops, I’m forgetting, you have a third world electrical distribution system and wake up and smell the coffee! - You are NOT God’s gift to the Universe!
Have you never wondered why so many people would rather live-in and eat their own shit than have anything to do with the way of life you think is so great? They’re not dumb they just have higher standards than you.
In a word that is beautiful. I am so proud of you guys. Bring on the chillrenn at powdermag. They can't touch pure poetry.
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Hello, I’m the guy who sits next to you and reads the newspaper over your shoulder. Wait, don’t turn the page, I’m not finished.
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This thread started out as an social commentary on tolerance and has "evolved" into a Narkey calling scrum!
My son is a boarder and I have never had the desire to face sideways on my plank(s), but some of my fondest ski memories are of chasing him through a glade or turning side by side on a cruiser. I have never witnessed he and his friends cutting lift lines, hanging out in the middle of a trail or taking out skiers. I think it's the person not the board(s).
I have had boarders slide up way too close behind me on a steep icy slope but I have also seen skiers that were so rude I wanted to inflict bodily harm.
Judge not by the appearence of the equipment but on the actions of the wearer.
How many more weeks until snow?????
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Originally posted by im12ski:
How many more weeks until snow?????
Too many!
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Blame Canada!
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I blame the chatroom setup that won't let me join. It appears .co.uk is banned!
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I hate boarders who hate skiers.
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