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Originally posted by slider:
I don't like ppl that have more Balls than Brains.
Oh, that could cause a problem: I have 1 brain...

[ August 15, 2003, 09:16 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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Yes Fox, but you have to sit in the snow for an hour before you can use it.
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Yo, Masque. Kinda in the mood for a Facile Homily here; think ya could expectorate one up? For kicks'n'stuff. Come on, I know you have one in ya.
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OK Ryan here’s one from the heart and the Hell of experience. . . always un-strap or unclip before taking a leak at the side of the piste (no matter how empty you think the run is)
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I could always fall back on:

‘Beer does not make me a better skier but does help me forget the times when I thought it did’
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The Queen's English:

"A'ight." [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ August 15, 2003, 10:57 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Ryan - that was weird! I was replying to your post, it disappeared to be replaced by a different one - am I missing some hidden tools? But in the meantime - I’m still suckin’ wind on that one, but I’m not always the sharpest tool in the box.

If you make assumptions about roots you might miss the point
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gander to the immediate right of your name on your posts; you'll see a few icons, including an edit function; hit that and the text of your post will come up for you to edit, if you so desire.

other'n that, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain; he's all coffee'd up.
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I know masque, and using the edit functions are a bit much for him. Last year he was installing Windows 3.11 for one of his clients who was big into new technology, and the screen promted "press any key to continue" After 3 hours, he logged a call with IBM wanting to know where the 'ANY' key was.

[ August 15, 2003, 11:50 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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then i should let masque know, before masque tries, that one is unable to edit OTHERS' posts. unfortunate but true.

[ August 15, 2003, 11:54 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Ryan: Ta, it’s a nice bit of coding functionality but why? Surely an open forum is best served by a ‘stream of consciousness’ input, identifying who we are and what we stand for?
I’m an opinionated SOB (with, I hope, the ever expanding experience to justify them), so I’m disinclined to use the edit function.

In the meantime:
I’ve got a map
I’ve both hands on my arse (an ‘ass’ has 4 hooves)
But I still can’t find the message in - The Queen's English "A'ight."

Coffee! you call that lukewarm, milky, over-sweetened, alternate flavoured, pizzlewater . . . COFFEE?
There’s nowt like the grand-mal seizure that three cups of Carmelo Saraceno espresso will give you up at 2K meters.
However, a real Tiramisu has got to be the best snow breakfast.
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again, i'm unclear.
'tis indeed espresso i inject. strong, black and startlingly strong. no sugar, no cream.
double-shot will have me on your nerves in no time.
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I miss DOS 2 (still got the 360k diskettes it came on . . . shit I’m sad!)

Plus we have to remember that Fuxup (as WTFH is better known) has a tendency to write code without closing it!
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by slider:
I don't like ppl that have more Balls than Brains.
Oh, that could cause a problem: I have 1 brain... </font>[/quote]UR going to the JHole gathering aren't you? Cause anyone with more balls than brains will be going off Corbett's.
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and you, slide?
gon' be there?

[ August 15, 2003, 12:25 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Slider, yup, I'll be at JH, listening to all the stories from the guys who've experienced parts of the resort that are way beyond me.

Musk, how many sites have you crashed cause of their "relaxed" security policies?
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Yes,I wll be lurking in the bushes on the side of the run, were I belong.
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So, Idrul and Eunuch Mutt - you want to move the thread to ‘Limey’ baiting?
Let me paraphrase your glorious leader, GW Buttmunch “Bring it on”
You see, you’ve one primary problem; leadership (in all its forms) requires the individual exercising it to raise his personal standards to meet the role of leader. NOT the other way around!
If you want to have any credibility when throwing insults around your playpen you need to raise yourself out of that McUpchuck induced diabetic coma that’s your normal state. Wire your cojones to the grid - oops, I’m forgetting, you have a third world electrical distribution system and wake up and smell the coffee! - You are NOT God’s gift to the Universe!
Have you never wondered why so many people would rather live-in and eat their own shit than have anything to do with the way of life you think is so great? They’re not dumb they just have higher standards than you.
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Thread Starter 
Good call on the third choice. Youre right with the point it does sound selfish. Oh well. I could of put in other choices, like
"Im a skier who gets on well with everyone"
"Im a snowboarder who gets on well with everyone"
"I hate everyone!"
on reflection, I should of put in "Im here for the good times"

Xdog & irul&ublo
ah stereotyping, the last resort of the inbred!
Before you start stereotyping other people from other countries and casting certain assumptions about them, why not take a good, long hard look at exactly how the world see Americans.
For the people who havnt been to the States, and enjoyed their good hospitality (especially around the 4th of July and Christmas) - all we have to look at is The Simpsons.
as for being a Limey
Pasty skin? yes I do have - no skin cancer for me!
Bad teeth? Nope, I have a great set of pearl white teeth and I have no need for capping or other prosthetics
Funny accents? - Which language are you supposed to be speaking?
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When The Fox Hacks: I believe the protocol is to crash the ones that don’t have lax security. If you’re not prepared to challenge the bully then you’ve no right to beat on the lill’guy. Same on the snow.
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It's all about what kind of tools you have at your dispoal and the knowledge to use them.
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Originally posted by slider:
It's all about what kind of tools you have at your dispoal and the knowledge to use them.
I guess the way to sum that up is to quote a guy I used to ski with who described me as "all the gear but no idea" which is pretty true, although I have finally got my home network up and running properly!
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I hate boarders. I hate skiers. I want the mountain to myself. I'm a tad selfish.
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What do drinking beer & snowboarding have in common?

They both entail lots of sitting around, talking a strange dialect.
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Hi guys, just came back to see what everyone was doing. Whoops, nevermind see you in the fall.
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We're all just treading water (and getting very narky) while waiting for Autumn, and the smell of snow...
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Okay, okay. So call me Narky.

[ August 18, 2003, 08:33 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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nah, I wasn't calling you narky, as well as me, I think there's a lot here that are going cold turkey for the slopes.


[ August 18, 2003, 09:04 AM: Message edited by: Wear the fox hat ]
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