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looking for new skis

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i want some new this season in a length around 158 or 159 that are twin tips and i can grow into and keep skiing on for a couple years. im thinking of the new 07 K2 silencers (http://www.untracked.com/highlight-176500.html) or something around that size.
i am a 5' 2" and growing, 100+ lbs, advanced skier that likes to hang around everywhere on the mountain but am trying to do more in the park. i dont want a super fat ski, the fujatives would probably be the biggest id go and i cant go too expensive because i have to pay the full price and im only 14 im also wondering about look or rossi lifter bindings... rossis would be the same thing for cheaper right? please help
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Yeah rossis are cheaper. If you want to get into powder, don't get the lifter. Look around for Axial 110s at rei.com, the come and go at around half the price of what it costs now.
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i dont have any powder here in maine at sugarloaf and sunday river but thanks for telling me that rossis are cheaper.
i just dont know about skis though
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i was wondering if i should get scratches or not.. they might be a little big this year but im going through a growth spurt right now and by the time winter comes around 159's (k2 silencers) will probably be too small should i take the next step and go to 167 or 169?
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Take the longer size, you will definitely grow into it and if you start skiing more you'll want the extra length for stability at speed.
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What if you bought skis that were used but in good shape.? You could spend less, get some good skis and then see how your body has changed and re-evaluate later
Before each season there are sales ,like ski patrol and ski swaps that you could do well in finding a great buy. Often there are new skis but all at discounted prices.
As far as being ' only 14' don't underestimate yourself . Being 14 is way cool
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i dont want to have to spend money and then outgrow them and have to pay more money next year... i want to keep my money thank you... also does anyone know the lenghts and dimensoins of the 07 rossignol scratches such as the white ones with the burnt top layer on this picture? http://newschoolers.com/ns3/web/cont...page=rossignol
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and im not underestimating myself, im saying that i wont be getting a bunch of money over the summer because i only get paid minimum if i even get the job i applied for
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No need to defend yourself kittle I just thought spending less and skiing on what fit the present would serve you better than buying a ski you have to grow in to.

Good luck to you .
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Salomon Foil in 161 (you'll outgrow 151 too quickly and it skis short) with next year's Salomon Z binding. Don't put look or rossis on a pair of skis you intend to have a for a few years if you're still growing, they don't have enough track to adjust them to different boot sizes without redrilling.
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my boots still have enough room for me to grow anyways and im sure that i wont go much bigger if i do get new boots and id probably grow out of the 161's pretty quickly to for such an expensive ski that i dont even want
1080s are way too fragile and the foam core deteriorates too quickly
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I'm 18 and pretty much done with the rapid growth thing. But I can tell you that you will no doubt become much bigger/stronger making it unlikely that any ski that fits you this upcoming season will continue to be a good fit a few seasons from now. As far as soli foam cores and their durability, I'd be surprised if you didn't outgrow them before they broke down.
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i think i made my decision

i think i want the rossignol scratch fs in 167 from the 06 model with look p10s
wont cost as much because theyre last years model..
supposedly they are great at beginning park and pipe, spinning and are great in all mountain.
dont really like the new model cause of the graphics and it has the same technology
what do you think?or
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