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Memorial Day

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As an old Marine I'd like to take this time to thank all those people who gave their lives so we can continue on with ours doing the everyday things we take for granted, and so many around the world can't.

My prayers this Memorial Day are to bring our troops home, right now. Lets be done with this stupid war. Lets be done with all stupid wars.
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My thanks to you, Lars, and to all of those who have served us so well. May we live up to the ideals they risked and lost their lives for.
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Amen. Thank you. I am so very grateful to all who served and are serving. God bless you. Really.
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Thanks Lars for reminding all of the true meaning of this holiday. Let us not forget all of those that have served to help make our great country what it is.

USN (Ret)
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Thanks Lars for your service and we are grateful for the sacrifices made by servicemen and women all that i regard as my heroes
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Memorial Day

Lars, thankyou! Every Memorial Day I remember and say a prayer for my friends from Basic Tng who were killed when the
Enlisted Mens barrack were blown up in Beirut. They were great guys! God Bless Them all.
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This is a most powerful weekend of rememberance in my family.
I have a great deal of gratitude for those who serve.
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Memorial day is supposed to be about remembering the fallen heros.

I read this in our local news paper. It actually brought a tear to my eye.
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All has been said.
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Semper Fi -Vietnam Vet.
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I'd like to chime in -- I am 52 and was draftable during the Vietnam War. One of the kids killed at Kent Sate was from my home town. As you might imagine, I was one of the protesters during the Viet War (although I NEVER dissed any veterans -- I recognized that the guys that I met who came home were changed somewhat, in an often weird and at the time not very understandable way). My dad was a WWII veteran: he served as a mechanic in the Army Air Corps and was stationed in France after D-Day. He passed away 21 years ago, and never spoke about his wartime experiences. The only story that I ever heard was when Gen. Patton was sweeping across France and outpacing the clean-up troops and had his fuel cut off; my dad was riding shotgun on a fuel tanker convoy on the 11th truck, when Patton appeared in the middle of the road and hijacked the 1st 10 trucks for his tanks. My point is that my dad, although not on the front lines, apparently saw some stuff, and even he said that if I was drafted he was taking me to Cananda. Needless to say, this comment colored my opinion of the military for many years. Now, these many years later, I am still against war. However, I have the utmost respect for those who choose to serve, and are too often forced to make that ultimate sacrifice. I pray that all of our troops could stay out of harm's way, and return home safely.
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war is the failure of politics
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War is the failure of diplomacy
War is the result of politics
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Nevertheless, wars are a fact of life. Also, they are almost never the making of those who have to fight them.

Thanks to you, Lars, and to every single one of you who have served, are serving, and will serve in the future.
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Indeed, regardless of our politics, we ALL enjoy the freedoms and security that have been bought for us at great price by those who have gone before us.

Thanks to our Vets - especially those who must receive this thanks posthumously.

And Thanks to ALL who strive for peace.
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"Only the dead have seen the end of war." -Plato

I hope that Plato, as wise as he was, is proved wrong.

Thank you to all who have served this Country whether in peacetime or in war.
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Originally Posted by GarryZ
War is the failure of diplomacy
War is the result of politics
Bob is right. Brave men and women don't pick the fights. They serve their country with honor and pride and for this we are grateful
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Thanks to all who have served and are currently serving, my deepest thanks and gratitude.
God Bless the USA and us all.
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