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EpicSKi Academy Daily Diary - Jan 28

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Well, our question of last night was answered- in many inches! Ten, to be exact! The excitement level went through the roof!

After meeting early this morning at the Silver Fork, for breakfast, each group made for the hill as quickly as possible.We were welcomed by the booming of avalanche control bombs going off all over the mountain. There were several smaller slides triggered, with one reasonably large one!

My group consists of MikeM, JimmyD, Ganjala, J2(squared), Markus,and CGEIB. Despite not having a great deal of experience with this much new snow, they all seemed to enjoy it. And there was always the odd tumble to keep it light.

To keep a record of this unbelievable morning, we managed to video tape quite abit of the activity. I'll check with AC about putting some of it up. I hope you won't be too jealous!

In between various powder runs, we actually got some focussed work done. Continuing our theme of yesterday, today we added the inside leg/ foot to our balance formula. Not quite as easy as they thought it would be! But the results were dramatic, and in some cases, outstanding.

We retired from the hill a little earlier than the other groups, so as to get to the Silver Fork ( our new home away from home)to watch the video we had shot today. After that video analysis, Steve B from a local shop gave an in depth session on boot fitting and alignment issues.

That session was followed by a tuning workshop, presented by yours truly. I was really quite impressed with the caliber of the questions forwarded, and the response to the workshop. Of course nolo now has the sharpest pair of skis at the Academy (she now owes me dinner for that). I hope she enjoys them!

By 9:30, we were heading back down the mountain to the hotel, and dinner. Like many others, I was out a bit late last night, so I had better catch up on some sleep! Right now it is very clear and cold outside. Bodes well for another fantastic day tomorrow!

See you then!
Good Night!


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Review of Ric's tuning job:

1. Ric shared that someone in his group asked if nolo would be able to handle the tuned skis.

2. Good question.

3. I put the tuned skis on after taking the group out for a morning on shorties/fatties/blades. A good call.

4. The Spires have never performed so well, but by day's end I noticed a residue of wax at the shovel and just forward of the tails.

5. Ric, did you purposely leave the skis edge-high in those areas?

6. The sticks really stick to the turn. A very nice ride!

7. Thanks, Ric!

8. Ric wouldn't let me buy him dinner after all. But SCSA bought us all a drink (via phone). I had a fresh glass of water.
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Hi Nolo-
Hope you had a safe and uneventful trip home!

To answer your question re: the wax you see on the tips and tails-
it's SWIX CH4(the ICE BLUE version), very hard, which I mixed in to harden the CH 6 and 8. The 4 is so hard, its been known to scratch rocks! Though I only used a few drops of the 4, it seems to last longer on the tips and tails, where there is less pressure to wear it off!

Glad you enjoyed the tune!

Next time it'll be dinner...

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Ahha. Fox said you'd left the iron on too long in those spots.

I figured it was something you did on purpose, because they really are sharp and slick.

I'll gladly let you have them for a next time, VSP. I'll buy you dinner. Really.
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