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Camps in Chile and Mt Hood

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Hi - Does anyone know camps they would recommend in Chile in late August or early September, in English or Spanish? It would need to be in the Santiago area (Tres Valles or Portillo). Also, what's the view of the Mt Hood summer camps? I know they have one catering to adults, but is the feel of the place generally for 10-18 yo skiers? Thanks a lot.
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dcmgooge, one of the posters here at Epic is head coach for Mt. Hood camps mostly for kids. You might PM bennyr and ask him about the Timberline/Atomic summer camps.

I got to meet and ski with bennyr this past weekend, and he seemed like just the kind of coach I'd want leading the team helping my kids to race better. He not only can make the turns, but also has a great attitude to go with it.
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Thank you. I'll send him a message.
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Thanks for the kind words Steve. There are several options consider at Mt Hood. I work for the Timberline Atomic Summer Race Camp and we offer a master's session the second week of August, the 6th to the 12th. We offer a good product and I am confident you will learn and laugh a lot at our camp. There are several other options to consider, Mt Hood Summer Ski Camps typically offers a Master's session at the end of August. National Alpine Ski Camp (NASC) also has sessions in August their sessions are typically for the 10-18 year old set but adults are always welcome and Brad Alire the director there does a great job of accomodating adults. PV alpine is a newer camp that offers a great product and they have an August session and a Setember camp in Chile. Ski Racing magazine's spring edition should offer more insights and there is a camp directory at the timberline lodge web site. I haven't had the pleasure of skiing SA but if they have a good snow year they will have more to offer in terms of terrain than Mt Hood does in August. I hope that helps, there are other options out there but this should be a good start.
Have fun

www.mthood.com (Mt Hood summer ski camp)
www.skicamp.com (NASC)
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Thank you for all the links and recommendations! I'll start reading up and see what looks like a good fit.
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My son will be up there 6/24-7/1 for the bumps and jumps, please keep an eye out for him
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