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Sidecut or not?

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Have any of you skied this Rossi 9X?
I am buying it for the FKS's or FK whatever bindings are on them but i want to know if they are skiable in the sense of carving with sidecut as a fun ski. for $20AUD i dont really care but it would be good to know.

here is the photo
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Originally Posted by tcross.au
Have any of you skied this Rossi 9X?
I am buying it for the FKS's or FK whatever bindings are on them but i want to know if they are skiable in the sense of carving with sidecut as a fun ski. for $20AUD i dont really care but it would be good to know.

here is the photo
Not sure how much $20AUD is, but it doesn't sound like a lot. It's prolly worth it, just for the bindings.
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20 is about 15US roughly, I just cant tell what side cut there is and if there is none then i'll tell the seller to keep the skis and remove the bindings to save shipping
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I had the 10.2 9X, that was a good ski, more super G than GS by todays standards.

The model in the picture is an earlier shaped GS ski with a side cut in the range of 97-99mm tip, 64-65mm waist, and a 91-93mm tail. Rossi was slow to get on the shaped ski bandwagon, this is not a usefull ski for anyone.

I would have him ship the bindings only, the cost of shipping the skis is not economical.


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I don't know anything about that particular ski, and it might well not be worth the shipping price, but: 99-64-91 @ 185 cm. ~ 21 meter radius. In other words, the most sidecut you're going to get in an FIS-legal GS ski.

Not that that means it's likely to be of any great interest to the original poster, but still ....
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Hi SJ,

This is more likely a 200cm ski. Given that the ski is 7 years old and was a recreational model, I'm not sure if current FIS rules are relevant.

The post asked if the ski is a carver & fun. Probably not.


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Can't see the bindings clearly....if it is an original Geze style toepc(rossi bought geze to get into the binding biz) I might pass on the bindings too...in any case make sure they are indemnified. You would chk NSSRA web site in US...not sure where you go in AU to chk...I am sure someone will chime in from OZ. I have some old ski magazines around kept the buyers guides back to 1989...post the exact model and I can look it up for you.

The skis were killer...in their day. Michael is right on as usual Pass on the skis. They are a t rex at this point...unless you are building a chair...in which case I got quite a few skis similar era you might be interested in
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I've skied that model- a fellow Nastar junky has them stored in the race shack for beater skis, good enough to snow plow the course skis. They are pretty much old school straight skis with very little in the way of side cut. If you trust the seller to remove the bindings and send you all the parts and screws, then I would do that to save on the shipping costs.

PS: Do you want me to ask the guy to write a review of that model? ;-)
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If these say "Course" on them in red letters..and MEASURE 93 tip and barely 60 waist..and are stiff..they are probablly race stock skis.It is VERY hard to determine bona fide race stocks with these.Popular lengths were 193,197,201.If they are less than 193..they are almost 100% not race stock.
I got rid of a few pair of these not long ago..2 pair of race stocks and 2 pair of regular ones. I actually tried to do some sort of back to back comparisons..just for fun.. old vs new..with the race stocks and some 180 Lab's that I have(which are NOT even stiff).It was just too silly...and not at all fair..to compare skis that are so far apart in technology.
With 33mm difference tip/waist these have enough sidecut for a gs race ski.These skis with THESE dimensions are NO WAY "straight" skis.
They were manufactured quite a while after ALL ski companies pretty much finished with "straight" ski manufacture.Last model year being about 1997 for straight skis.I think that Kastle was last with a "straight" ski in 1997/8.Dynamic VR27's had a 97 model..pretty sure not a 98.
The first 9X's also had 93 tip and were fatter..about 65 in the waist.while the race stocks had a barely 60mm waist.When they fattened the tips up in later model years to about 98 in the consumer version..the race stock still stayed the same at 93.The "10.2" was supposed to be 102 mm..but measured out at about 99/100
The "footprint",flex characteristics and dampening on these skis is old school..and requires quite a bit of old school to make them work properly.AND STRENGTH! Sure they will work..and carve.YOU WILL "earn your turns".
If you're into that..nostalgic race skis..or nostalgic skis..cool.Nothing wrong with that.Have a spin on them.If you plan on using them as skis..whether they are the race stocks or not.Just leave them where they are.Newer skis make these look REALLY silly..with almost no effort.
If the bindings are the early models..leave them there with the skis too.
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Cheers Thanks for all your help,
The rest of the photos are below

I'm using my courier because the seller wont ship and it is $11 aud either way just bindings and both together.
I could always sell them if i dont need them. The toepiece goes to 18 and seams to be pretty close to the current FKS's.
Also if any of you think the din is too high i will be using the bindings for Compition moguls and replace the ones on there with Axial 120 race of my old 2003 9X's
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I also fogot to say that the length is either 201 or 198
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Here is a US Ebay listing that have different bindings on them. You may enjoy his description and "history" lesson on them:

http://cgi.ebay.com/Rossignol-Dualtec-GS-Race-Ski_W0QQitemZ8817710319QQcategoryZ21245QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem

Sorry in advance if somebody was watching these for sniping a deal of the century on these decade old skis.
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In terms of fun factor, I'd look to some other ski. Why burn time and energy on a dog? I had a pair of 9S pros, they went dead pretty quickly and though they had some shape ..... I ended up donating them to a guy on the ski patrol who wanted to buy them from me. For $25 .... it was easier to give them to him than risk making an "enemy" over $25.
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