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Whistler in the summer

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I am thinking about trying to head to Vancouver and up to Whistler this summer. I was looking on their website to find some info about skiing on the glacier but couldnt find much.

A couple questions: What is the terrain like? Is it mostly parks? How much is hikeable or lift access? Its only open from 12-3 daily, is it worth it?

I would be going with two buddies and we are all expert skiers and would be looking for challenging terrain.

Any info about the glacier would be much appreciated.
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I would not describe the terrain as would be skiing on an open glacier which I would describe as a blue groomer. Ski camps are held are on the glacier in the AM, at times the majority of the glacier is closed off for the ski camps even the afternoon. In the past both the Showcase and Horstman T-Bars have been open on the glacier.

To access the glacier you ride the main lift on Blackcomb to the lodge, then take a bus to another lift.

It's a great way to spend an hour or two on a warm day, but I certainly would not make a trip to Whistler specifically for glacier skiing. If you do
decide to go do it sooner rather than later in the summer.
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Excellent, thanks for the heads up.
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I went a couple of summers ago. Didn't ski, but did do the downhill mountain biking. Wasn't cheap for downhill bike rentals, but was very cool. Lots of great terrain. Looked very different than winter.
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