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07 ski graphics

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I'm not sure if I'm being "girly" here or what but I was just looking at the new versions of the T-9 lineup from K2 and I really dislike their new graphics. I know some women didn't care for the "flowery" designs, but these new ones just don't appeal. I really hope that if I do go for a pair of LottaLuv's I can get the 06 model since they did not make any changes to the technology as far as I can see.

Volkl on the other hand seems to have made a good step with the new graphics on the Attiva line. The unisex skis look good too.
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I think you'll be hard-pressed to find an '06 Lotta Luv. I've looked. A lot.
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BTW, where have you seen the graphics? I've been looking for them so that Terry will know what she's getting, but haven't found pics anywhere...
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They have some 167 lotta luvs (with bindings) at REI for $429. Would get them for my wife, but she skis a 160.

I doubt the construction will change much for 07 since these were just introduced this year. productId=47934833&parent_category_rn=40000354&vca t=REI_SSHP_SKI_TOC
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I've found pictures from both of these
Ken Jones Ski Mart
Al's Ski Barn

Indeed it does not look like there will be any changes in the "structure" of the T-9 series.

Volkl is coming out with additional "powder" womens specific skis and bringing their popular AC3 to the Attiva line.

I saw the REI deal... Too bad I need 153s.
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Ski Depot has alot of pictures of 2007 models included all the K2s.
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I like the flowers more. Glad I got a pair for my wife. She's a flower girl. FLowers on the bindings as well.
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Actually, the construction is the same, but it does have the M1 binding mount which is going to be more solid, methinks.
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Thanks for the pointers!!!!
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Yuck, I don't think much of those at all. Kind of restrained versions of the freeride park stuff. I'm glad my skis have the biggest flowers ever, so big they don't even fit on the skis! And I'm not the slightest bit girly.

Holy crap, the Phat Luv is 98mil in the waist this time around!!!!! Monsters. (that ski depot site has the full info on all of them, and close-ups).
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Yeah, Terry misses the flowers. But, the M1 mount will be nice, and they do match her boots...
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I just noticed the change in binding. Might be interesting to see how this change gets evaluated. I still really loved the Lotta Luv's I demoed at SugarBowl, with the standard IBC 11.

I wish they'd stayed with the flowers. I'm most definitely not a girly-girl - you won't ever catch me wearing the color pink, etc - but the t9 flowers were just nice. At least I still have them on my True Luvs.
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persee, the initial indications are that the M1 is a much more "positive" connection of binding to ski. We'll see (and I'm not sure Terry will be able to tell).

Terry is a girly girl. Our house is full of pink, and she collects china. She's definitely not as happy with the new graphics, but, in the end, she just cares about how they ski... That's my girl!
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Geez, people can make themselves miserable over simple things. The '07 Lotta Luvs have graphics you can live with. They might not be pretty but at least they don't have punk images on them.
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K2 ought to offer after-market stick-on flowers!
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Originally Posted by Rio
Geez, people can make themselves miserable over simple things. The '07 Lotta Luvs have graphics you can live with. They might not be pretty but at least they don't have punk images on them.
C'mon, Rio. You stare at 'em all the way up on the chair. Then you watch 'em all the way back down, again. I mean, you look at those graphics a lot! In the ski rack. In the car. In the garage... All the time!!
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Maybe those Atomic Thugs would be a good choice for her?
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