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snow around tahoe????

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We will be cycling over Donner Pass and then to truckee before heading over Mt Rose and on to Sparks NV.

We will be through this area June 7th & 8th ..... any thoughts on weather over the two passes we will be riding over

We will be pedaling form San Francisco to Salt Lake CIty -- 835 miles


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You will be fine. There are still snow banks up at the tops of the passes but they are melting fast. The street sweepers are already out cleaning up the shoulders of winter dirt.
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thanks..... so snow should not be a worry .....now I just have to persevere and get over the top.....

should be interesting for a flatlandler
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Originally Posted by mikebike
We will be pedaling form San Francisco to Salt Lake CIty -- 835 miles
A friend of mine pedalled from Washington to Seattle. He was miserable. Into the wind day after day after day ...

What's your route ?

Snow won't be a problem on regular roads. Lots of roadies out and about.
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our route is as follows.... west to east should get more favorable winds

not sure of the exact roads.... backroads where available

there will be 35 of us and will be spending the nigght in Truckee on June 8th

it is a tour --- I have ridden with this outfit before.... should be fun

any must sees while in truckee???

Western States Tour
Day 0 San Francisco, CA 0
Day 1 Fairfield, CA 82
Day 2 Sacramento, CA 57
Day 3 Auburn, CA 51
Day 4 Truckee, CA 76
Day 5 Sparks, NV 50
Day 6 Lovelock, NV 91
Day 7 Winnemucca, NV 76
Day 8 Battle Mt., NV 55
Day 9 Elko, NV 72
Day 10 Wendover, UT 108
Day 11 Salt Lake City, UT 117

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The most obvious place to go is the Donner Museum in Donner Lake Park. Other than that this is a tourist/recreation town. So Old Town is 'interesting' in a generic, but real, old town kind of way. Some of the bars are especially interesting like the Tourist Club (no self-respecting tourist would dare go in) and there's still a soda fountain. My favorite restaurant is Moody's in the old Truckee Hotel, just across the street from The Bar Of America. Both are yuppie hang outs but the food is spectacular in Moody's.

Looks like the Nevada hops are going to be, ummm, boring ? At least you'll have folks to talk to en route.
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Snowing right now

Shows what we know. Snowing, chain control on Mount Rose : Happy holidays !
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Snow expected all weekend down to lake level according to the latest weather report!

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Snow expected all weekend down to lake level according to the latest weather report!
squaw says 2-3 inches down low, 4-5 up top ! :

dammit, dammit, dammit ! i had a trip booked but had to cancel because of work. :
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the bicycle trip is history now.... .and it was GREAT

we covered 850 miles in 10 days....

all clear over both Donner Pass and Mt. Rose

and for a flatlander from FL the altitude and all the climbing was not a big problem. I felt very good on both climbs.... actually the Brockway Summit seemed harder than the other two. Probably cuz we hit it less than 2 miles from the Hotel. I was not really warmed up yet.

thanks for the reports about the snow

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