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Advise on Salomon Flyer please.

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Hi, I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post.

I'm a former skiier who's been seduced to the dark side about 4 seasons ago. While boarding has been an absolute blast, mostly freeride with a bit of park mixed in, lately I've seen more and more twin tip skiiers in the park which got me to thinking about getting back into skiiing also.

Me: 5'3" 115-125lb (mostly 120ish) and have stopped growing
Last Skiied: 2001 season
Skill Level (ski): intermediate (or at least used to be.. ) meaning black diamond and a bit of skill in the moguls.
Where: Mostly Heavenly (pass) and Kirkwood about 25 days a year.

I'd like a twin tip to ski the park AND the mountain (Though I do have an old K2 ModX, I don't want to ski the park the entire day). More like 60% mountain 40%park.

Why the Flyer? Well... there is an 151cm (see above height and weight) left over in a local shop that can be mine for $100. Even though I know it's the price point twin tip, how bad can it be? I'm hoping it will give me enough of a taste to see if I want to invest more $$$ to get back in.

Which is what I'm here to find out. Anyone have any experience with the flyer directly or indirectly (children, maybe)?

How does it do in a bit of powder? Would it perform decent if I set the bindings back couple of cms? (I hear Salomon mark is set a bit forward.) How is it at speed on the groomers?

Shop does also have few other twin tips left over but they are in the $450 range and I really can't have another set of skiis sit for years like my ModX. Though those Karmas do look awfully tempting.

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For a hundy I say give them a try. The 151's are probably too small for you, but they won't be awful. Mount them 1 cm back of the midsole, more than that and they won't be much fun in the park and see what you think. Just a thought for you, there are a lot of skis out there with twin tips that aren't "park" skis. I would think that with a little persistance you might find something used in your price range that is a little longer (160ish) that will be good in the park and elsewhere. I don't have any specific experience with the flyer but am a big fan of the Salomon twin tip line as a whole for the park and for all mountain skiing.
Have fun
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I read your reply and picked them up on the way home. They're dwarfed by the ModXs (167) but still come up near eye level ( *sigh* darn genetics). It's a bit soft and super light. I'm going to mount my S912 Ti and find out how they do this winter. I'll use the 1cm offset like you suggested and see how it goes.

PS. It hasn't been a good day for the wallet. Just re-upped for the Heavenly season pass. When is November gonna get here?
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Good luck with those. At the very least you will have a blast learning how to ski switch and playing on the fun-boxes and rails on them. Winter will be here before you know it.
Have fun
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