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Sponsorship - Reward or Responsibility?

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On another thread, in another forum, a number of skiers talk endlessly about sponsorship, and how to get it.

It got me to thinking about what exactly is their objective in receiving "sponsorship". Some seem to indicate that it's a reward for a job well done to which they receive free products and feel they can call themselves "pros". Is this really where it ends? In this case, what's in it for the sponsor? Is the mere visibility of their logo, in a world saturated with marketing, enough? The Molson Snow Jam tour comes to mind - logos, stickers, and free swag up to yingyang. The audience response reminds me of the images from the Iraq relief effort.

So what about those who receive bonuses on top of the gear? Obviously there are contracts involved. What are the responsibilities of the athletes? Must they be "seen" skiing X number of days a year, participate in contests, photo shoots, videos, make appearances, and speak out about the products?

I find it a little disconcerting that any sponsored athlete would make the naïve statement that it shouldn't matter who's using product X. That the athlete/brand identification is irrelevant.

Have I missed the point to sponsorship? Please enlighten me.
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The old saying, 'there's no such thing as a free lunch'. Manufacturers are interested in one thing only and that's selling their product. If someone gets hooked up with the manufacturer (sponsered, prodeal, demos) they have an obligation to represent, promote and sell that product in a professional manner. That might mean getting placement in photo shoots or film exposure with the brand displayed prominently, it might mean standing on the podium and it might mean showing up at demo days to turn screws, meet people and offer to take them up for a run. It might also mean referring or taking people into the local dealer of the product on a regular basis. If they agree to a season they need to do all they can to honour that agreement the whole season even if things go bad. The next season they're free to look for that 'better deal' or cooler product. The ones who recognize this are the ones who will be around a long time. The one's who think it's a reward are loosers who will burn bridges and flame out and dissapear before anyone even bothers to remember their name. I think this is true at any level. Think Bob Probert vs. Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky; John Daly vs. Tiger woods; Daryl Strawberry vs Cal Ripken. There's lots of young rebellious gyber punks in the industry getting a lot of attention these days. In the long run it's only the ones who handle themselves and manufacturer relationships professionally that will still be known years from now.

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