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bindings questions

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i'm pretty familiar with skis but am pretty ignorant on what are good bindings etc...

i've heard some good things about rossi fks pros along with looks (p12, p14 etc)

is what i'm hearing true or should i be looking at some different bindings

oh yea about me...6 foot 165 ski mainly out west, pretty confident skier can get down just about anything although it may not be graceful...gotta have something to aspire to right : ...ski bumps, trees, and love the steeps

thanks in advance
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All binding makers make good bindings---folks have preferences. Some are more vocal than others.

All mid to upper range models will do the job for you---although there is a definate "feel" to some types.

For instance I have tyrolia rail flex LD 10's?? (I think) on my head Monster 70's and Salomon 810 Ti's on my Big Stix 76's. One is a rail and the other mounts flat. I can feel the difference in precision between the two---or at least I have convinced myself that there is a difference. The rail bindings feel like they have more "give" in them---give that I didn't notice---until I got the Salomons.

I happen to like the rail design for the fore-aft mounting and different boot size flexibility it gives and never noticed this imprecision thing until after getting new ski's.

Some folks hate Markers due to "pre-release" issues. I've never had problems with Markers, I wouldn't go so far as to say they don't pre-release, just that I have never had that problem.

More and more skis come with "systems" that eliminate the choice of brand.

I think if you were to do a search, you'd find that most reviews will offer at least one piece of good advice for things that really do matter---like which brand is easiest to get back into in deep snow.---as well as suitability to certain types of terrain/style/ etc

The concensus is that you should try to keep your particular din setting in the mid range of the scale---so for instance, I use about a 5.5 din usually---maybe a 6.5---there is no sense in me buying a binding---even if it is a super great, all everything, starch your whites, deal of the century binding ---if the din range is 8 to 16.
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Well said, Skier J.
Most of the equipment out there these days is pretty darn good. It becomes a preference and priority issue more than anything else in most circumstances.
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yea i've skied on both markers and salomon's and didn't have any pre-release problems with any of them...thanks for the advice we'll see if i can get any good deals
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