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I picked these up from the S&C deal last year. They're 185's and they've been on snow only 5 days. The bases are perfect and the topsheets are nearly perfect. Great skis, but they no longer have a place in my quiver. $200 plus shipping

Here is the SteepandCheap description:

The Fischer Big Stix 7.6 RailFlex2 pairs the Big Stix 7.6 with the FX12 RailFlex2 binding for a smooth riding system. The Big Stix 7.6 has a more fluid, consistent flex and is 21% lighter than its 03-04 predecessor. It is the perfect ski to attack the whole mountain whether on the groomers or in the untracked. The Carbon Fiber Chassis core construction keeps this ski quiet and stable, an advantage over its competitors in the mid-70mm waist category. The FX12 features a diagonal release to efficiently eject you in backward, twisting falls. The mounting plate melds the binding and ski together for a responsive, precise set-up.