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I learned this one AGES ago and it's fun to tell to drunk people. Well drunk people will laugh at anything and it's an alliteration joke and needs to be told fairly fast -- which makes the drunks laugh.

A big brown bear walks into a bar in Boston and orders a beer.

The Bartender shakes his head and say NO. I can't serve a beer to a bear in a bar in Boston.

The big brown bear gets really mad, stands on his hind legs, paws in the air and growls down onto the beligerant Bartender.

The Bartender shakes his head again and say Get as mad as you want but I still can't serve beer to a bear in a bar in Boston.

The big brown bear looks around the bar and then walks over to a busty blond who is sitting by herself drinking. He lifts the busty blond up off her seat and eats her.

The big brown bear returns to the bartendar and says Now you have seen how mad I am ... I want a beer.

Again the Bartender just shakes his head and says Not only can't I serve a big, brown bear a beer in a bar in Boston, but I can't serve anyone who is a drug addict a beer.

The bear is confused, A drug addict he says

Yes, the Bartender replies You're a drug addict ... that was a Barbituate.